Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"Thin is in"

Hello lovelys!

So, I am going to write a little neater just in case if i have any readers. haha okay so i didnt run or anything today and i had subway and 2 cookies and an apple all day, i just weighed myself and am at 168.8 lbs. hmm. kinda sad and mad im not losing any weight, prolly cuz im not exercising.  yea i have to get on top of that. tomorrow is wednesday and i dont have any more classes. so im thinking ill run tomorrow for 45 mins, then do the 1st day of p90x again and see how that goes. Yuppp. thats the plan! hopefully i can go on with it.

yea so anyways, ive been biting my nails recently, and its really wierd cuz i never did it before but i just started to... i hate it... but yea....

oh yea, i had a dream of this one guy i call 'Liar'... Lier? Liar? Ahhh which one is it??!?! lol idk, but yea it was really weird like the dream was that i was on the floor at my familys house and hes there too and just some wierd stuff happen.... but yea i didnt expect anything like that...  w.e. im going to be skinny and show off my bod to him and show him what hes missing! shoooot, hm! lol

yea i have to remind myself how fat i am cuz sometimes i forget until i wear clothes and notice that it doesnt fit. Yupppp.... and i have this rubber band i wear so everytime i wanna eat i snap it and it hurts like hell!! but it works for me... yea thats all i have to say for now... i just need to step my game up! like asap! i want this beachbody soo baddd!!! so im going to get it!

Pursuit of happiness <3

xoxo Pariis

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hahahah i thought that was funny! loll


sweet dreams & stay strong


  1. you can do this ! just stay focused on what you want :)

  2. aww thanks girl, you too! we should be diet buddies! :D