Sunday, November 14, 2010

ehhhh... bad end of the week?

hey, so i missed 3 of my workouts this week. i did 4 out of 7.... i wasnt home for 2 day so i couldnt  do them, and the last one i had to do today, but i gotta got o work soon, so ill start my 2nd week tomorrow. it was just a slip up... it WONT happen again! i will not quit! cuz im not a quiter!!! no no no! i will finish p90x and lose weight!

so i weighed myself this morning and i am at 165 lbs right now. im okay with that. hopefully ill be 150 by the end of this month. also i have to go to a wedding my mom is making me go to, and i have to wear a dress, and the wedding is at the end of this month so if i reach 150 by then, ill look sooo good in my dress! yay! but i havent picked  out a dress yet, me and my friend are doing this black theme so we all are going to wear chic black dresses. i hope i find one that will look okay on me.....

anyways.... what else.... im going to run again tomorrow and do my workout. scheduale for tomorrow is --->

8-1 school
1-2 run
2-3 workout
3-6 homework! and papers due!
7-10 class
10- home,sleep ect.

yea..... i just remembered i have a peper due tomorrow and  alot of other stuff.... damnit.... so i have to work on those tonight also....gahhh

but other then that... uhhh work is okay, and everything else is okay too.... oh one thing that happen today was this guy that i used to like and text all the time texted me today. we didnt text for like a month and now he just texted me. that means he was thinking about me... :) but yea im not gonna get my hopes up, and idk why i even like him.... like hes not even cute or anyhting. i guess its his personality. but he can be a dick sometimes too so ughh  :(

but yea i texted him back and now he wont text back.... oh welll im better off with out him.. but i just wonder why he texted me out of the blue. like did he miss me thats why he texted or what??? or was he looking for a booty call or something?? hmmm idk, but i do no that im over analyzing this situation wayyy to much.

but i miss him.

a little..

gahhh, oh well, i have other things more important then him! im gonna get my new bady and show it off and show him what hes missing. Jerk.  hm! w..e...
 im better offwith no guys in my life. cuz im more focused on me, "im just doing me, you do you" hahaha so im doing me. and i dont need distractions right now.

anyways....i have nothing else to say... theres 1 hour and 30 mins till i go to work.  hmm. well heres some thinspo, stay strong!

woah, thats a fat and skinny xray!


  1. hey look it my twin up there wearing the black dress (:
    good thinking hun! show him what he is missing ! XD

  2. hahahah dont say that! we will be thin soon! our future twin--->

    hahahaha but we gotta stay focused!!