Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Literally FLM!!

yea soooooooo, everythings been going down hill from here!

i got another ticket, this time for reckless driving.. Great!  riight?? yea i was crying my eyes out and everything. it was just soo bad. it was horrible! i really need to hang out with Aundrinia.... i miss her.... but anywaysyea everything had just been bad. i havent excercised, i didnt got to class, i need to take 2 tests. just badd!!!

and i weighed myself and it was 166.8? yea somewhere around there.... kinda dissappointed.... but i want to run tomorrow and do my p90x! i have to!

and oh yea, today was a holiday so my family and i went to my grandmothers house for dinner and the whole family was there. and when they saw me they were all like "ohh wow, u lost weight! u look skinnier!"  blah blah blah! yea right! thats some BS! i didnt lose that much weight that its noticable! liers..... and also, they say things like that to change your mind, like "nazaar" you, like make you think one thing, when its really the oppisite.  yea thats the kinda family i have! liers and crazyy

but im not gonna let that go to my head, cuz ususally, when ppl say i lost weight, i get all excited and think i did and not diet or excersise any more which makes me gain LOTS of weight. so w.e.

i am still fat and need to lose weight!

and i feel the same.. no change at all, no change in my clothes or anything!  grrr.... well i at least want to reach the 150's by the end of this month NO DOUBT!  just 5 lbs right! yea i can do it... and the running and excercising was working!! i did lose weight on the scale!!! so if i keep doing it, itlll make me lose more weight riight! yea that makes sense to me! so tomorrow is wednesday and ill run and do p90x when i come home from school, then work. blah! the "pre wedding" is this friday, and i have to go dress shoppping with my mom and im sooo nervous! i feel like lothing will fit me or look decent..... god help me.... i reallly want to lose this fat off.... gahhhhh oh how i wish it was a overnight change. but nope! its not! its okay.... ill keep going at it!

sheesh. ok so new goal for this month

reach the 150's

it could be 159 or 155 or even 150! by NOVEMBER 30TH!!!

i will do this! if i cant reach this gaol, then i gotta try harder and harder!!! cuz i neeeed to do this!!! ahhhhhhh

hmmm ok, well i have class in the morning, wish i could write some more! but nope. i g2g sleeep for class- Blahh

some pics to be inspired by- ENJOY!

i want that tattoo btw!

xoxo goodnight

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