Friday, November 26, 2010

Tired and Depressed?

Hey yall,

So for some reason today i feel so tired and i just want to sleep. Yesterday was thanksgiving and it went alright. i just had some turkey and rice. no biggy, then me and my sister went out to Bestbuy, an electronic store, at 4:30 pm to camp out for some t.v.s and a GPS. so we were there from 4:30 pm to 5:30 am.  and we finally got our stuff and left. so were were there for 13 hours! 13 friggin hours! yea so at the end, i was soo tired and sleepy and cold. we went home and i was knocked out! i slept until 5 pm. and yea i was supposed to go out black friday shopping but i didnt cuz i feel asleep but my sister and mom went, so thats kinda dissappointing. i really wanted to go... yea thats prolly why im feeling like this, i really really wanted new clothes and great deals. Grrr

So thats about it. i just wanna go back to sleep right now cuz im still tired. but im pisseddd i didnt go shopping. Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

i weigh 167 lbs right now. and my legs and abs are sore from yesterday mornings workout. ok, well im gonna go watch a movie or something now. goodbye and stay strong.

Stay strong and slim

xoxo Pariiis

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