Tuesday, January 4, 2011


So yesterday, i just got home and i was starving. As usual, there is no cooked food in the fridge or anything cuz my mom never fuckin cooks. So i go to the garage and find a box of Mac and cheese. I decide thats what ill eat today. So i get my pot ready with hot water and start the stove. Then I pour the macaroni in the stove to boil. I go get the cheese, and as im about to pour it into the pot, i see MAGGOTS in the macaroni!   Live moving maggots! what the fuck! I was so discusted i threw up. I was in shock. Then the whole day i didnt eat cuz of those fuckin maggots. Ughhh, just thinking about it makes me want to puke! Blahh. So that was discusting. and i think it was a sign not to eat or something. But the positive side is that i didnt eat all day. So i guess it wasnt that bad.

Anyways, I weighed myself this morning* and i weigh 155lbs.  Thats pretty good for me. But I weighed with no clothes on and in the morning so that takes off pounds. So I weighed with clothes on and im at 157 lbs. Whatever, ill just say im 155 lbs. My goal is 149 lbs. Man, im so close. I never thought id even get this close, but i cant blow it, i have to stay focused. Cuz i came all this way, and im not turning back. No ma'am!

Well, its morning right now, and my stomach is growling like an animal cuz i havent eaten anything for a long time. And im debating about eating cereal first then working out, or working out then eating cereal. And its not really morning, its 12:26 p.m. lol, but i just woke up, so its morning for me. Hmm. I think ill just work out then eat. But i really dont want to work out, blah. I havent ran or exercised in a long time, so i gotta get my groove back. But if i exercise, ill prolly hit 149 lbs faster. I know i should exercise, but i dont feel like doing it. Grrr.

Oh yeah, another thing, I kissed/made out with Mars sunday night. I was kinda drunk and high at the time so i dont remember what happen that well. All I know is he really liked my kiss cuz he keeps wanting more kisses. lol But i really need to stop messing with him. Its bad for my health. Hhaha. I need to find someone else. Soon.

And, by the way, My dad has even noticed that I lost weight. WTF? lol How is everyone noticing that i lost weight but ME? I personally dont see any changes except the number on the scale. Hmm when i hit 149 lbs ill take some pics of me and put some before and after pics up. Then we can see if i really lost any weight. I reallly want a beach body! All tan and toned, cant wait!

love all my followers!

xoxo Pariis




  1. good luck hun ! your nearly there (:

    and eww maggots that would have put me off eating for the day too!


  2. Omg those maggots must have been a blessing in disguise! You got to fast without intentionally trying, haha.
    It's always a good feeling when someone is into you, makes me feel sexy!
    You're so close to your goal weight, congrats!

  3. Oh golly!! That sounds super gross!
    I loveee that you had a good time with Mars. Sounds totally hot!! ;)