Saturday, January 22, 2011

Deep shit :/

Well, hello beautifuls!

Ok, so Just to let you guys know, i got in lots of trouble the past couple days. I came home at 3 am high and drunk and my dad caught me... -_- Yeah, so thats what ive been dealing with for the past couple days now. He took my phone away and my car. But i got my phone this morning and my car later today...Hes still pissed and yelling, telling me he doesnt want me to go to work anymore and i cant take my car and blah blah blah.... Damnit i learned my lesson dude, now chill the hell down.

Yeah, so im going to quit drinking and smoking for good. I promise.

This is me promising that if i ever drink or smoke ever again this whole year, then i have to quit all my jobs. -__- Tonight i worked and made $70 off tips. I thought id made more, but apperntly not... I guess im having a bad week? Ehh and i have lots and lots of school work to catch up on and i work all day tomorrow, morning and night...

ok, so some things i have to do, HAVE to do

1. Take driving class and get it over with.
2. Print transcript for mom for insurence
3. Catch up on homework and school.**

those are the main things i have to do.  weight and all this is at the bottom of the list right about now. just too many things going on i cant juggle it all at once. I feel like im gonna crash soon. Hmm Sorry if im boring u guys with my problems in life, but this is like my online diary where i can just say anything and everything with out anyone knowing. :)  I do wanna go to the gym though...I feel like thatll make everything less stressful.  for some reason, whenever im angry or things arnt going right, i need to workout and get rid of all the stress.

Note to self- i think my dislexic-ness is getting worse and i might have a stuttering problem. should get it checked out. omg. im such a freak....

damn, its already midnight? sheesh, i just got home and its already midnight?? Alright, now for some homework then bed then work at 10. Night loves!

Life in black&white would be lovely right about now


  1. oh that sucks haha. my dad gets all grumpy about drinking too /: im actually just about to blog about my drinking last night aaaah (:

  2. Oh wow that sucks about your phone and car. But at least you got them back!

  3. Goodness, you busy bee. I hope you're alright, your dad seems to have drummed it into you!
    <3 Take care, beautiful!