Tuesday, January 11, 2011

160. damn it

yup im back up to the 160s... its horrible. like when i found out i was back up there, all my happiness went away and now im sad. i cant believe i gained 5 whole pounds. 5 pounds! i was so close to the 140s...and i ruined it. but it seems like everyone is gaining at this time. lets get back on track ladies!!!


so, something really depressing happen to me last night. i was at my friends house and we were all chilling and drinking and just hanging out. then one of my friends said lets get on chat roulette. (thats a site where you video chat with random ppl around the world.) so we agreed. so it was me, my friend katie(shes not skinny but kinda fat...)and we were the only ones on the camra, the other friends were behind us so you couldnt see them in the camra. so we were just on chat roulette and nexting ppl, then there were these 2 blonde girls, they were skinny i guess. and right when we got to them, they screames "ewww fatty! fatty!!!"... i literly was about to cry... and thats when they killed my buzz and i went home.

i thought i was doing okay, but once i heard those girls. i just felt so fat and a failure and just horrible. so, no matter what, i have to reach 145 lbs by the end of this month. like eww i dont want to be called fat ever again. and i dont think ill ever forget that, even over the computer ppl call me fat, what do ppl in real life think of me?like geez....it was a horrible feeling. it just makes me want to cry.


other then that, classes started and i like it. I have a good chemisty professor, and precalc seems like itll be hasrd, but ill get through it. im shooting fro straight A's this semester. and i dont even know if im enrolled in cell bio so i have to do all that. okay well, i have to study and crap. :/ ughh

hmm k. bye, cheer me up? :(


  1. that is horrible! they probably said it to every chick and then flirted with some perves lol dont worry about it too much honey!

  2. I love your blog :) And I'm sorry that happened. I know what that feels like, trust me. Some girls can be such bitches. Seriously. But you're doing great and you just need to keep it up! You've got it :) Lol I'm like cheering you on.. Haha :) Anyways, just ignore screwed up jerks like that and keep your head up. <3

  3. Girls can be such bitches.
    Makes me so angry, I want to beat them up for you.

    A joke to cheer you up:
    Q: What's green, has four legs, and would kill you if it fell from a tree on your head?
    A: A snooker table
    Not worked? How about this one:
    Q: How many surrealists does it take to screw a lightbulb?
    A: The fish.

    Hope these last days have been better to you xx