Tuesday, January 18, 2011

10 random facts about boring old me

1. Little things like braclets and fish make me happy.
2. I am from the middle east.
3. Ive never had an official 100% boyfriend, prolly cuz i have trust issues
4. When i was younger, I had a phase where i was obsessed, i mean obsessed with cows. I used to draw cows with different outfits and give them names, and i had cow pajamas and stuffed animal cows. It was ridiculous.

5.I wear my class ring from high school just to show my mom that all the money she spent on it was worth it.
6. I love my baby sister, shes almost 4 years old. shes the little sister ive always wanted :) she makes me happy!
(awwww isnt she cayute!)
7. I see myself in the future, as a pediatrician, happy and healthy, and married. With no children.
8. I want a tattoo of a feather on the side of my rib cage soon. Whenever i can actually see my rib cage. lol
9. I was a "floater" in highs school. I didnt really belong to any group, but i ended high school with the "bitches" of the school. So i came off as a bitch to everyone...but im really not a bitch. :/
10. I use head and shoulder shampoo and herbal essence conditioner. LOL thats as random as i can get! 

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5. Bella 


  1. Awww these were interesting to read lol and yes your little sister is so cute! :)

  2. <3
    I used to draw stick cows over EVERYTHING but I can't remember how to draw them anymore. Cows with different outfits sounds much more fun :) x

  3. Gah I just wrote the longest message, and it didn't work.

    I was saying,

    I LOVE YOU. I love you I love you I love you.
    And I have that tattoo on my ribcage, with the words She Flies With Her Own Wings enscripted into the design. It's wonderful.

    I loved reading this about you. :)

  4. hey girl! I hear your from the middle east? I'm as well , where are you from?

  5. haha ahhh i tried to post this answer on ur tumbler but idk how to work that thing!! lol so im just gonna answer here, Yes im from Afghanistan. I feel like theres a limited amount of middle easterns here, glad ur one too!:)