Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Skinny bitch

So my friend came over my house today, and she got on my scale and she fuckin weighed 112 lbs. damn, when i saw that, i was so jealous of her.  and we made cookies and she ate them, i had maybe one bite. she ate like 2 cookies. then she ate some noodles right aftter. like wtf? how is she that skinny while eating that much?? then we start watching tv and she ate a shitload of popcorn. WTF?!? 112 lbs!

I envy her.

Well, thats my new goal weight. 112 lbs. or lower. Damn, I look like a damn hippo next to her.

And my gramda came over my house today too, and you know what she said? she said "oh well youve really lost some weight" I HATE when ppl notice my weight. Fuck. i need to hit the 140s soon.




  1. oh doesnt that motivate you more? isnt that good? take advantage of it lovey and show off to her when your her size or even smaller (:

    what kinda cookies did you guys make ?

    <3 xx

  2. I think I wanna puke after that pic lol