Sunday, January 30, 2011

Starbucks ^_^

Hey, so i am currently at Starbucks right now drinking a skinny caramel machiato. heehee i feel so posh here with my laptop and everytthing. :) but yea the reason im here is cuz i needed to get away from my house cuz another fight started between me and my dad cuz i went to church. uhhhgh i hate when we fight and i didnt even do anything wrong. its the worst. but anyways....I have to do my math homework but i just dont know how to do it. like how am i supposed to do something i have no clue how to do. i tried teaching myself but uhhh obviously its not working. but  yea, lets talk about church. :)

So this morning i went to church for the first time and it was kinda wonderful, i had lots of fun and learned a lot actually. Uhh i feel like i need to turn to god now. Cuz recently i had a dream of judgement day, the day the world ends. and it was horrible. In my dream, Im looking out the window and i see a huge body of water just coming at me, waves crashing and just attacking me, and i just stand there by the window waiting for the water to come and get me. At the end, i survive, and the water slowly levels down to normal. But after that dream, It came to me that the end of the world is really coming and...and... i dont know, i feel like i should do something about it or atleast try. Hmm. This has been on my mind for the longest time now. I feel like i should start praying and just think of god more often. :/

Chyea, I am just really stressed and overwhelmed. I need a break from the world, but of course thats not happening so i have to suck it up and take advantage of all oppertunies i have in life. Yes yes yes. Starting my doing my damn homework, this shit is so confusing. esspecailly cuz its online. Who does math online? u cant learn math online, it has to be paper and pencil. Ughh and i have a dumb professor. sheesh I really need help.

Uhh, yeaaaim so tired. mentally tired.

ohh yea, i got my Uggs a few days ago, they are so cute and comfy. I love them! so worth $185

Yea, those are the ones i have. loveeeeeeee them!

other then that. everythings theh same. but my weight! i lost like 2 or 3 lbs. so im like around 155lbs. i think thats good. so starting feburaury at 155 is good and ill be 145 by the end. Hopefully! well, alrighty thats all for now, until i get bored here at starbucks again. 



  1. Every time i used to do maths i would get a brain fog, i despise it.
    You do sound very posh i must say!
    Congrats on losing those extra pounds! And good luck on reaching your goal weight, definitely do-able.

  2. Great thinspo!
    I hate fights with my dad! And it sounds like you had fun at Church. I used to go a lot but now not so much.
    Cute shoes! And congrats on the loss! That's totally awesome!
    <3 <3

  3. I love those photos.
    <3 I hope you find yourself, and what makes you happier with yourself, wherever you find it; whether that's at church, or in gloria jeans with a nice drink and your laptop :).
    You're so lovely, never forget that.