Friday, January 7, 2011

fuck my life!

i just want to run away!
 run away from all this bullshit
run until my lungs burst
go to a unknown place 
and run

i have so much anger and pain built up from nothing
all i want to do is run
run and hide from all this drama
i want to run until my legs break off
until i have no energy to breathe
until my last breathe is taken 

i want to run in the darkness and let go
and scream
and curse the world
and curse some more
fuck my life

im just going to go to bed and turn my phone off and close my eyes and not gonna fuckin wash the fuckin dishes or drive fuckin pointless miles. i dont give a fuck anymore. i dont deserve this. im not gonna put up with all your bullshit and get nothing in return. fuck you! akjjjjjjjjjdfssfhssdkjfhadskjgh aghhhhhhh i cant wait to run tomorrow. im gonna wake up early and run until i get lost and breathless. god i wish i could go run right now and take out all this anger. wtf is wrong with me. i hate everyone! goodbye!

1 comment:

  1. honey you alright now ? i hope so!
    message me if ya wanna talk okay (: