Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bow chicka wow wow

Broke into the 140s.... FINALLY! took long enough damnit. lol, but no, im extremely happy about this. Next goal is 139lbs by the end of June. This healthy thing is actually working out! I eat delicious foods and i dont feel like shit after or regret it or anything! And no binges!!! Im still not happy with my body but you know what, Im getting there. maybe not tomorrow, but im on the right path. :) cant wait to kick some ass in June. Also, i made a myfitnesspal account to record my calories, it really helps. But yes thats the update about my weight.

Still no boys :( boo... I barley text anyone at all. Its just been me, work, and school..Oh and running and exercising. I think im in love with running. I know right, i never thought id say that in a million years, but it takes off so much stress and i LOVE the endophins, its like my own personal drug. Ahhh

somethings i want-
-a boyfriend, or a boytoy
-to get fit, and actually form abs or just have a tight stomach
-reach 120lbs by my birthday ( August 10th! dont forget!)
-Do really well in my summer classes, cuz i did shit in spring
(i have the lowest GPA everrr)
and that is all for now, id also like to learn how to skateboard but thatll have to wait till my summer classes are over. anywho, that was just a quick update, hope yall are doing well!

xoxo, Parris

omfg, i hope she doesn’t get a headphone tan line

if only…


  1. Oh CONGRATS!! Man I've been trying to break out of the 140's for EVER, I hope you find it easier than I have.
    As for the boys, well you have to love yourself before you can truly love anyone else, and your on the right path so good on you!

  2. Great job on getting into the 140s, that's so awesome!

  3. Cool thinspo!
    How long have you gone without a binge? I'm having a lot of trouble with mia lately and any advice you have would be appreciated!
    good luck girly!

  4. Sexy thinspo!

    And ugh, boys. Boys boys boys. I'm married and although I love him with all my heart, I wish I would have just relaxed a little first and had fun. Done some one-night stands. Been irresponsible. Blah. lol

    Congrats on reaching the 140s! I bet you're ecstatic! Use the feeling you have now as your thinspiration to reach the 130s then eventually the 120s! Woohoo!! Keep going, pretty lady!

  5. Hey from a new follower, loving your blog especially some of the thinspo - I like that a lot of your thinspo is fitness related, I am totally aspiring to look as fit and strong as them with those fab abs! I love running too, it is pretty addictive and the best way to burn calories.

    Congratz on reaching the 140s, wishing you luck to get to the 130s asap!

    AJ x