Sunday, May 1, 2011

i know, i know...

Well girls, its a new month. Again. Are we going to fuck it up like last month? Say we are going to lose weight this month and not do shit to get there? Make plans and stay motivated just the first day, then blow it all off till the first of next month? Doing the same thing every month, hoping that this month will be better then the last?

No. Im done. Im not going to blow this month off like the past ones. I dont even care its a new month, its a new day for me, and im going to take advantage of this and rock it. I am going to control today to my best ability, so what if there are curveballs? So what if I go out unexpectedly with the family. I will control myself, because if i dont start today, ill regret it, thats one day gone, one day i coulve gotten closer to my goal. No.

I refuse. I will only think of today, what my actions from today will predict my weight tomorrow and tomorrow until i reach my goal. We are NOT gonna reach our goal if we only think of reaching our goal and how wonderful itll be to be thin and wear cute clothes and be happy. What we have to think about is what we are going to do to get there. Today. Right now. What are u going to do right now to better yourself from yesterday? To get to tomorrow? To get to your goal? Daydreaming about it will NOT get you there, sitting on your ass and looking at thinspo will NOT get you there. Thinking about the results will NOT get you there. But thinking of ways to get there, actually doing things to get there WILL get you there. Actions speak louder then words and thoughts. Put your thoughts into action. Now. Not in a couple of hours, not tomorrow morning, NOW.

Eating is so easy for us, like breathing. It comes naturally to put things in our mouth and eat it like its nothing. So today, we are going to control everything 'natural'... our breathing, our blinking, our eating. Think before we eat, listen to our heartbeat, actually get in touch with ourselves. But thats not all. We also have to exercise. Its like a lock and a key- a key is useless if theres no lock, and a lock is useless without a key. As eating right is useless without exercise, and exercise is useless without eating right. Put both together and youll open the lock to success.

I hope you all, including myself, do great today. ( notice i said today, not this month) Make today wonderful, think only of today, right now. No past or present. Right now.

Set a goal-> Make a plan-> Follow plan-> STICK TO PLAN->Reach goal.
Make one for today, tomorrow, this month, this year. You can do this. One day at a time.

xoxo- Pariis
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wow, i wonder how hard she worked for that


May has 31 days. Each day can bring you one step closer to your goal, or push you one step back. 31 chances to fail, or to succeed. Let's succeed.


  1. I really loved this post, I needed the motivation! You're right, we have to exercise and maintain our self-control over eating, we need to get into action and make things happen! Thanks for this post! We will reach our goals!!

  2. I needed this post too! I'm going to read it again first thing when I get up (it's 11.30pm now). Thank you!
    That Karen Lamb quote... wow. So true. I've been wanting this for 6 years at least.
    And great thinspo as usual! xx

  3. Aww, this is so inspirational!!! I love it.
    And I'm totally going to follow your tumblr! :D
    <3 <3 <3

  4. I am so inspired by this post. Thank you so much. I didn't realize how much I needed it. (: