Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy isnt easy

Hey, so... Georgetown was a success! We took the metro there, and did some walking to the Washington monument, then just hung out there. Sat on the grass and talked and took pictures(which i look so fat and horrible in). Then we went to some bar/restaurant place and i got an asain salad :) It was amazing. Then we went to Georgetown Cupcake but the line was soooo long, they said it was about a two hour wait so we were just gonna go home, but one of my friends really really really wanted a cupcake, so we were on a cupcake hunt and found another cupcake place called Sprinkles, which i thought was the same as Georgetown cupcakes. I ended up having 1 1/2 cupcakes. Not mad at myself cuz we walked so much i prolly burned one cupcake off. Haha, then we went to my friends house and watched a movie and had sunchips. I thought it was an okay day, fun too!

That was thursday, Friday i worked all day and had some tofu and pasta, it was amazing. Im actually thinking about becoming a vegetarian. Cuz i like tofu, and it would stop me from eating lots of my fav fatty foods like chicken quasadillas and burritos ( i only eat white meat now) So i would have an excuse not to eat it. I think im going to start today :) 

Saturday, I went to my coaching job in the morning and at the end, i twisted my ankle. -__- wtf. It was kinda embarrassing  cuz i was running in front of all the kids and parents, and just dropped. I heard a click and a roll.But i played it off pretending i was tieing my shoes. lol And the rest of the day i was home and could barley walk. So i was just sitting bored at home with a twsted ankle,then Mars messaged me again... Man oh man, I dont even know where to begin. It went something like this...

Mars- I havent seen u in forever
me- Sorry, im always busy
Mars-Oh when can u see me?
me-When are u free
Mars- You home?
me- Yea,  i twisted my ankle today :(
Mars- So u cant come over and see me?
me- No babe i can barley walk
(blah blah blah, cut to the point)
joking about a threesome
me-Whats wrong with threesomes?
Mars-I dont share
Mars-I'm not greedy u wouldn't want to share me anyway
me- Im sharing u right now, u just dont know ;)
Mars- Lol oh so how are you sharing me, ur letting my gf have me ??
me-haha yeah
Mars- Oh why would u share?
me- cuz its not a big deal
Mars- So sharing or I'm not a big deal to u ??
me-(i was cracking up here hahahha) haha sharing...
Mars- Oh well im upset ur not coming over :(
me-Ill make it up next week :)
me- ummm idk, got any ideas?
Mars-No ur the one making it up, you pick (he was thinking of sexual things, obvioulsy) 
me- Well can u help me outt, what do u like
Mars- No itll only be special if u come up with it
me- Ur making this harder then its supposed to be...just tell me.
Mars- Truthfully I can't answer u have to 
Mars- Cus #1 I have a gf #2 I want u to choose
me- hahaha, 1. im letting her borrow u from me, its temporary. and 2. i chose. :)

Anywho, I feel like a homewrecker. But i also feel like he is initaiting it so its not that bad, anddd I dont really like him, hes just there to mess with...i know, that sounds bad but girls just wanna have fun! haha and hes the one with the girlfriend. So w.e. 

I dont wanna see him till i break the 140s so i kinda HAVE TO reach it by saturday. And i cant even run or workout cuz of my ankle... So i guess i have to watch what i eat.

Thats basically all that happen, Oh and HAPPY EASTER! the good thing about my family is that we dont celebrate easter so no food but my lil sis did get lots of candy and chocolate eggs. But still :) no binge or food, ive had cereal and a smoothie so far. :) and im feeling good! So now ill do some homework and read your wonderful blogs! 

ps-sorry about this loong post. lol so lots of fitspo and thinspo 

I will dominate.

the best kind of candy is eyecandy



  1. Haha, Happy Easter to you as well, lovely!
    Your Georgetown journey sounded like a really lovely day! :D
    And you've inspired me to try tofu. But I doubt my family would even consider buying it. Lame. D:
    That Mars guy sounds like trouble. Make sure you don't get hurt, babe.

  2. Happy Easter! (Belatedly).
    The mars chat sounds fun, just don't let him twist it to being your fault if his girl finds out! Girls do just wanna have fun. I wish I had a booty call. Going to a party tonight so fingers crossed.
    Gutted about your ankle, hope it's feeling better now.
    Have fun with Mars! xx