Monday, April 11, 2011

30 Day shred- Day 1

Weigh in- 155 lbs
Intake- coffee, subway, salad, pasta
Level 1

Hi guys, guess what! I started the 30 day shred by Jillien Micheals today. Supposedly you can lose up to 20 lbs in 30 day. At first i didnt believe this, i thought it was just advertising to make people buy the dvd. But omfg, let me tell you, i was litterly sweating like an animal. My face was dripping from sweat, it was gross but in a good way. And i thought the dvd would be really easy since I have done some p90x, but wow, I was in for a surprise. I managed to keep up for the most part, and the greatest thing about it is ITS ONLY 20 MINUTES! :) Its so doable and after the workout i felt so energized and pumped. I cant wait till tomorrows workout.

I also had a BIG paper due today and a chemistry test (which i bombed) :( I did good on the paper though...not so hot on the test, but im keeping my fingers crossed that i hopefully passed. And omg, today was soo hot out, i couldnt keep my clothes on at home. So when i was getting ready for school, I wanted to wear something cute and summerish...but then reality hit and i saw how FAT i was. Boo :( I ended up wearing jeans and a teeshirt... it sucks not being able to wear what you want... Thats fine, ill be 20 lbs lighter in 30 day hopefully.

I am taking like 6 classes over the summer. So im really not looking forward to it and i still have my current classes to worry about. Ugh i have soo much to do.
-history paper
-history quiz
-chem presentation
-chem journal
-calc hw
-clean room
-work in the morning
-workout after work
-a lot more :(

^just some notes for me to follow. lol
Anywho, I start talking to mars again, just as friends though, cuz he has a girlfriend... I want a fuckin boyfriend damnit, a hot, sexy, built, boyfriend that i could showoff. Armcandy, thats what i need. Lol.

Stay lovely kay?

omg, yummm ^

i dont even need any thinspo. i will be skinny so i can have a piece of Bradly Cooper


  1. That's the problem with summer...the clothes!

    Keep it up and by June you'll be there <3

  2. is the shred a dvd work out thingy???

  3. Heyyy I've been having ago at the 30day shred too!!! although I haven't being doing it everyday but alternating it with a recovery run or yoga and it's working super well!

    Gotta admit though there is no way I can do all the press-ups at the start!


  4. I think I might get it, it's only £5.50 on amazon, is it worth it?
    I need to loose some of this flab, going on holiday in 6 weeks and currently I'm disgusting.
    I want some arm candy too, a right stud please. I wish they came on amazon too.
    Hope you got all your things done xxx

  5. Your comment cracked me up just when I was loosing hope, thanks!
    Bit of background for you....
    He is CUTE. Totally marriable. I think he's more into my flatmate than me. I tried going in for a snuggle and he was not having any of it so sadly I am in bed alone with nothing but my flab. I met him at camp, 3 years ago when I worked in Canada. He's a paramedic and was volunteering for a couple of weeks with the cancer kids. I didn't get to spend much time with him then because was quarantined for slagging around with other people's boyfriends and getting mono, awkward... lol So yes, we weren't best pals then, or even really pals, he was just always swoon-worthy. And then he came to Europe for a few days and wanted to see Scotland so I offered him a bed, secretly hoping he'd choose mine. Everything is a lot easier and always goes my way in my head. One day. <3