Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Well, what do ya know. Another 'compliment' today from my manager/friend at a party.

"Have u been working out?"

"You look in shape"

Blah. Thanks!...I guess...

btw, i didnt run this morning. -__- didnt wake up. Fml. and didnt eat well either.

Had subway for lunch, then asain chicken dumplings and a beer. Gross.

Today was very interesting. I was at Ruby tuesdays(restaurant where i work)  meeting up with my friend when i ran into an old friend. Rahul. He was my neighbor and we used to always sit next to eachother on the bus in high school. We both hated school and we were kinda really good freinds, best friends. But when i saw him today (seeing him for the first time since high school) He looked different. He got his ear pierced, no braces, dressed well, he looked mature and handsome? lol he looked handsome. haha umm He looked well. Lol that sounds better. But yea we start talking and i was like wow! you look so different, and he was like "yea i am different, and you look different too, you look beautiful.".... He called me beautiful. idk, i thik i might have a crush on him...But hes not my type at all! and hes just one of those nice guys. Well in the end, he got my number and said we should catch up which i def want to. I feel like this will be interesting. We shall seee...

Anywho... thats about all for today. (thought this was gonna be a short post but guess not. lol) some thinspo then sleeep <3

xoxo Pariis

ps-thanks for all your wonderful comments, they really get me through the tough days

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  1. hehe i love that first picture!
    i wish i got compliments like that...