Saturday, April 2, 2011

Intake today: cereal, piece of chicken, 3 brownies, 2% milk.

So i did okay today, I got on the scale today and it showed 153, which i think is COMPLETELY wrong. Its too low. Way too low. We will see tomorrow morning. I hope its the same, but im not gonna get my hopes up.

Anyways, some updates. On Friday, I went to my waitressing job(work there once a week now), and i litterly got  so many comments about my weight. Like, "Have u been working out?" "Your waist looks smaller!" and "Wow, u look thinner." Yea, I felt like a billion bucks. Lol. But yea dont u just LOVE skinny comments!? Made my day 100% better.  But i still have a looooooong way to go. But in one step closer to my goal! Yay

Anyways, I also went shopping on thursday i think? But yea, me and my friend went to Victorias Secret, and i got some yoga pants, makeup kit, perfume, and a free umberlla! the umberella is so cute! and its been rainy these past days so i cant wait to use it! yay, But OMFG when i was in the store, i felt to huge and fat, and i felt like people were starring at me like why am i even in this store, this store is for skinny people who can pull off cute undies and bras. Not for fat people who cant even look at themselves in the mirror. It was  a good reminder of what i wanted. Pictures of all the VS models everywhere! Ugh, it was overwhelming.

yeaaaaa thats about it for me. Havent been working out like i told myself i would :/ Grr I will tomorrow though cuz my scheduale is FREE all day. I swear i will! Ohh and, I just start using Pro-active, the stuff for pimples. Lol, and i relly like it, my face is really clearing up. lol, i feel like im going through a swan tranformation.

In other news, still no boys im interested in :( Grr I seriously cant find a decent guy to like. It sucks. Like theres no guy out there worth my time... Oh well, gotta better myself then> Kk ttyl!




(One of my fav pics!^)


  1. those pictures, sigh <3

  2. Great job!
    I'm sure you will find a great guy eventually :)
    Stay strong,
    Lottie x