Monday, December 13, 2010

wow, is this real?

Omg, so much happen this week.

So last night i went to a party after work, and the whole time i was texting Mars. And basically at the end Mars wanted to make "us" official.... and i was going crazy. I didnt know if i wanted to be with him or not. And i was asking everyone at the party what i should do. lol. but at the end we agreed that we should stay friends for now cuz we havent seen eachother in a looong time. but we've been talking for a hot minute now. Yea,  and his face is messed up nowcuz he does wrestling and idk but ive been trying to see his face, i told him to send me a pic of it but it never came through.. :( oh well. but yeaaaa.... we texted allll day yesterday. Honestly i dont even know what i want. I kinda like him but not to the point where i want to be with him i guess. but i do want a boyfriend. Agh! im so confused!

Anyways, I dont think i gained any weight. Im actually really close to the 150's now. I havent done any workouts except for running a couple of times, just cuz i havent had time and ive been working this whole weekend. i havent weighed myself yet either cuz i just woke up. Ok, ill weigh myself right now.
and i weigh
161.6 lbs!!!

yay me! but Grr i thought id be in the 150's by now. Im so close! Hopefully tomorrow ill be there. Ahh!!! Im happy but sad at the same time. lol, but im more happy then sad for sure. Hmm. So todays plan-
1. wash face, brush teeth
2. Eat some cereal
3. Finish papers and english stuff
4. work out, run
5. Lunch, then head to class.
6. come home and sleeeeep <3 lol

Great! :) Also, on my calender, im ahead of my plan! i was supposed to hit 160 on the 18th, but i think ill get there on the 14th. :) Yessss Im pretty happy! Okay... i need to clean my room too haha. Alright thats all for now! And thanks to all the comments, keep em coming, i loooove them and all my followers!

Stay strong!

XOXO Paris

Some questions
1. should i be with him or not?
2. do you guys want to see a pic of him lol or his body?? hahaha
3. ask me a question? :)


  1. 1. Do what you want for YOU. Do you want to be exclusive? Would it make a difference?
    2. Is it worth seeing then?! lol
    3. What's the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?

  2. Yayayay! How exciting for you! Best wishes that tomorrow you'll be in the 150's!

    I ballooned up to 128.6 this morning. Oh my! And I binged a bit, so hopefully the damage isn't too harsh tomorrow.

    We can do this! Keep on chuggin'. :)

  3. i think if youre even questioning if you want to be with him, dont youll just end up sabatoging the relationship which will be messy which lead to eating haha stay strong

  4. Grats on the weight loss and thanks for the comment on my blog :) yeah i love my top (they are all the rage atm)
    Crown towers was sooo good! i'll do a blog post about it.

    and i think you should wait until you see this guy regularly, does he live far from you? pics, yes!
    what's your best weight loss ti[?

  5. Oh yes. Pictures are a must. :) He souns hot.
    But yeah, I think you should wait until you know him a bit better.

  6. i so should of added it to my list but i didnt think of it because i had a mini workout this morning haha
    i would to see a pic of this guy!