Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Parties, Alcohol, and Throw-up

Hey, so this past week has been so crazy with everything EXCEPT dieting. -_- I didnt really work out or eat right at all this whole week. it was my winter break so i thought i should loosen up. Yea, bad idea....

So, where should i start? Ive been working a lot lately. I worked Christmas and i have to work New years eve too. blah...  but work has been going good, im bouta be a server now because hosting doesnt make that much money. Im gonna be training this week and hopefully start serving by next week.  What fun! : |

Uhhh I went to a party with ppl from work sunday and kinda got drunk and high.. lol  i was gone. People said i was passed out on the couch and i remember i threw up in the bathroom. but i was okay. I drove home and the next day i had court early in the morning for my reckless ticket. That went well i guess, i had to pay $170 and i got 6 points taken away :( boo! And i have to take a driving class too. Ugh. I hate cops and driving

Well, after court i went shopping with my friend, and got a long sleeve one shoulder shirt and a hoodie shirt thing, they are soo cute! then after that is when the crazy started. I went to my friends house and chilled there for a bit, then we sneaked out to go to a party. I brought 3 cans of four lokos, and we finished it alllll! Me and one of my friends were gone, like we passed out at the party, and then when i woke up, i start throwing up. It was discusting. I threw up like 5 times! it was soo bad, and i was wearingg my new shirt and i threw up on it.. :( it was sooo bad.  but we got home safely and I regretted it all the next day. When i was leaving my friends house, i found out that i threw up in my car.... Yea, my car smelled like shit and i had to clean it up... I was soo pissed. Never again. Never ever ever again! Yea so thats all about the party.

Oh yea, also, remember Mars, well i guess we are an on and off type of thing now? well we were texting yesterday and stuff about just boring things. and then i found out he had sex with some asain girl. and he ADMIT to it. but its all good. I took care of that. it was actually really funny.

Hmm other then that, I just weighed myself and im at 161 lbs. and its night time, so i weigh more. Im okay with that. I didnt reach my 150 lbs goal, but thats okay, cuz i was on a break. but i will reach it by the end of january. i just want to start 2011 weighing below 160 lbs. Yupp! so now im going to start reading your wonderful blogs and thanks for all my new followers!
I weighed myself this morning and i weigh 159 lbs! Bam Bam! whose awesome? ME! :)
xoxo Pariis

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  1. sounds like you had fun! dont regret it (: haha
    i got drunk yesterday and i wanna do it again i loved not having to worry about what im eating or looking like :P

  2. Holidays are for craziness, enjoy it! But be safe :)
    Congrats on getting to the 150s :D xx