Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gave you all i had, and you tossed it in the trash, you tossed it in the trash. yes you did.

Good afternoon my fellow bloggers!

14 followers??!? Amazing! thank you guys so much! It really means a lot knowing 14 actaul human beings are following me on here. lol and the comments on my post are lovely!  Thank you times a million!

Ok, so i did say i wasnt going to be on here till the end of the week, but i thought i needed a break from all the school work and exams and research papers! So far, i only have one week of classes left and im done! Just 1 bio exam, psych exam, english paper, and final portfolio left! woot woot!  Then ill be free!

Well, ive been extremely busy with school to even consider eating or exercising, so i prolly wont gain or lose this week. Ive been stressing this week too much, but ive been thinking. I think i want to be in a fully committed relationship. like 100% with a guy. I think i have trust issues, and i never ever let myself get too close to someone just to protect myself from being attached to them or losing them one day...So i dont think i can stay in a relationship, and also i get bored real quick. like if the guy isnt interesting anymore or theres no connection, i just stop... wow, im such a bitch. haha.

but about the guy i was talking about in my last post, lets call him Mars. hes hot and stuff but hes just a toy, ya know. like even if i wanted a true relationship with him, i would be wasting my time, we both no that. and we hooked up once and that all he wants to do now. he keeps texting me saying "i miss your lips" or "i wanna see you" im just like ok, calm down lil buddy! hahaaha.  it was just a one time thing, and i was prolly intoxicated at the time or something. smh... no i wasnt, thats just an excuse. blah! i dont even know why i kissed him. anyyywayyssss. umm  i need to go find some fresh bait. haha new boys. but i dont think ill find someone. or if i do they wont like me. man, screw these self esteem problems!

boys are so complicated. and too much effort.  so i dont think im ready for that commitment right now. boo. :(

i have to love myself before i love anyone else. and i surely dont love my body image!

haha, ok so Mars texted me today and this is how it played out:

Mars- Hey
Me- Hey you
Mars- imu (i miss you) im tryna see you soon
Me- Aww  im sick and this week i have all my exams so i wont be able to see you till the end of next week.
Mars-end of next week ;( thats 2 loong
Me-sorry :/
Mars- Im so sad
Me- whyy whats wrong?
Mars- I want you.

and i didnt reply. lol and all that is word for word to how it was.... so yea. what should i do? I promised myself i wont see him till i hit 150 lbs. and its been like 2 or 3 weeks since the last time i saw him. oh, theres a catch i forgot to tell you guys. He's younger then me :O i know i know. i feel horrible.but just one year younger.... i think thats why we would never work out in a relationship. dang.... lol.

but in other news, i didnt gain any weight! so thats a plus.

Hmm...i have court tomorrow morning which sucks. Gah! i hate cops. ummmm. what else.....Oh! im in love with music!  music is my cure to bad days. i listen to Bruno Mars, Kerli, the boxer rebellion, neon trees and other awesome songs. What do you listen to? any suggestions? alright well that about all that happen this week. Oh and i start reading my horoscope, they are so true! you should start too!  today mine was, "Completion is important, it will give you the sense accomplishment you need."  and all day i did my homework and exams. so i was like woah! haha what does your say?

Alright, thats all for now, stay strong and drop the pounds! :)
xoxo Pariis

omg! im so proud of her! shes my true inspiration! and i love her bracelet! heehee

 hmmm, i wanna post a pic of mars but idk if he would let me... what he doesnt no wont hurt him right?? hahahah just kiddingg


  1. what song is that top bit out of ? i sooo cant remeber and its annoying me haha, its eminem right? he is all i listen too lol
    sounds like you too would be cute...go for it :P

  2. thanks girly! but the song is grenade by bruno mars, check it out! and yesss i love eminem too ;)

  3. I saw that issue of Kelly too. My goodness, how amazing.