Wednesday, December 1, 2010

One day at a time

Hey hey.

Today was my third day to my workout plan, and i just finished up. I ran on the elliptical for 45-50 mins burning 1000 calories, then i did my P90X workout which was shoulders and arms, and ab ripper X! And omfg! Ab ripper is so intense! while your doing it, it feels like your abs are on fire! but it feel so good!  Ahhhh im satisfied with today. Oh and i ate some rice and okra for lunch today. It was ok, but my moms cooking sucks! haha, but i would never tell her that, i love her too much... lol that was random. Anyways, i weighed myself this MORNING, and it showed 164 lbs, then i weighed myself NAKED, and it showed 163 lbs, then i weighed myself normally with clothes on after my workout and it showed 165 lbs. so im going to say im 165 lbs for now. Down 3 pounds in 3 days! Yay! 

Yea! So tomorrow my workout is yoga. -__- gahh. its 1 hour and 30 mins long. thats a dragggg, friggen an hour and 30 effin minutes! sheesh. gotta prepare for that....

Anyways, all i have to do now is make sure i dont eat bad, and just think of the workout i did, then ill surely pass on the food. haha, i was drenched in sweat. LOOOOOVE IT!
Ohh yea and...

 Questions for you- 
1. How do you weighed yourself? with cloths on, without? in the morning?
2. What do you usually eat for breakfast? I cant seem find a small healthy food to eat.
3. What color should i paint my nails? :) heehee kinda bored, there currently a pale shiny pink.

XOXO Pariis 

and yes, i did change my blog a lil ;)

Ahh! i want a tattoo like that too!

My idol!!! she looks gorg!

stay safe and strong!

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  1. Man thats an intense work out! Im so jealous of your motivation! I personally weigh myself in the morning and evening with clothes on. And although I know its bad I never eat breakfast, never have but i would suggest high protein no carbs for breakfast and keep portions small now when it comes to nails im thinking a crimson red haha get sexy festive haha