Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cramps & other girl crap

:/ yup, thats right, its that time of the month. and i feel like shit. I just have cramps and mood swings and craving, ugh cravings :( Today i ate a chicken buffulo sandwich. Yuck. Now my stomach is hurting, idk if from the cramps or the snadwich..or both?

and my wieght is outragous. I dont even wanna talk about it, but hopefully itll drop in the next few days after my period, cuz i usually gain weight on my period then drop it all when its over. Anddd today i burned 1000 calories on the elliptical then did a P90x workout- core synergistics which burned around 600-800 calories. So im proud of myself for that! :) But i really really need to reach 145 lbs by the end of this month or my whole weight plan will fail. tomorrow im going to run on the elliptical again and do the P90x cardio and ab ripper. And maybe this time ill eat right, i really wanna try the special K challenge but idk... what do u guys think of it?

Uhh valintines day is coming up, worst holiday ever. Ive never had a valintine, and ill prolly not have one this year either. :/ but im used to it so what ev. Umm nothing else has been happening....except i got a really pretty dress! for my friends birthday party thing. its a size 7? idk if that a good thing or bad? but uhh its really cute, its simple and short. ill put a pic up once i wear it. Uhhh other then that nothin interesting has been going on...just crossing my fingers that i lose some weight soon please! but uh its th-th-thinspo time! :D


  1. The girl in the grey knitted dress is so pretty, I really like that picture.
    Wow, you've burned soooooo many calories. You work out sounds rather tiring and strict but good on you for keeping with it!
    What size seven is this? Like is it American, Australian...?
    I love reading your posts,

  2. You really have burned a looooottttttttt of calories! and the thinspo is awesome! They are so prefect :)

  3. YOu are crazy, girl. I admire you- I haven't done annnny exercise today.
    Keep your spirits up, darling!
    You're lovely. x

  4. Wait to go! Gotta love that exercise high ;D
    Stay strong***
    BTW, my blog is also about weight stuff... so if you want to check it out, I'd really appreciate it *