Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pursuit of happiness

Hey loves.

How are you? Like honestly, how are you?

Have you ever thought about life and its purpose? If your happy or not? Where youll be in 10 years? Well, ive been thinking. And i dont really know where ill be in 10 years, but i do know that ill be happy. Ill be happy with my life, my body, my family, and my school. I will. Because what i do today, will pass on to tomorrow. And today im happy.

First, I want to thank alll of you for taking time out of ur life, and reading my boring old blog aka my diary.  It means a lot. Truly, thank you.

Well, where should i start. Right now, im just swamped with school. I had an exam today but skipped it cuz i wasnt ready, so hopefully my professor will let me take it later this week. My chem and history class are okay, kinda fun, but lotsa work. Blah. And lab for chemistry is HORRIBLE! the professor talks. so. slow. and. takes. long. pauses. between. every. sentence.  But ill put up with it.

Anyways, Ive been doing really well with food and exercise lately. I think i can reach the 140s by next week. :) Yay.  Maybe. Hopefully.  Ive been eating small portions and staying away from the sucky sweet food. But i didnt work out the past 2 days cuz i was at a friends house and she doesnt know im trying to lose weight. i dont think she even sees anything different about me even though i lost about 20 lbs.  Oh well.

Recently, someone(bostoniancouture ) commented on my blog and asked me to tell them about my "diet plan/theory" So I guess ill let you guys know. Its not really expert advise, but this is what  i do.

Everyday, I try to eat a small breakfast before working out, my fav is special K cereal with the strawberries. Then i get on my elliptical in my basement and run for 45 mins which shows i burn around 800 calories, but i stay on till it hits 1000 cals. Then i do a workout from p90x which is sometimes fun, but after that i eat small snacks throughout the day and one lunch which is usually subway chicken breast. So on this day, i can eat up to 1700 calories and still lose weight, and thats it!

So, to summarize it- Burn more calories then you eat. And work out in the morning so u have no excuse NOT to workout later in the day. Easy as pie(as in pies are hard to make but easy to eat. get it? lol)

Yay! that is all, Oh and ive made myself a promise that I cant blog until ive reached 149 lbs. So, ill be back in a week? :) Yea? Ok! You all stay wonderful, kay?

xoxo Pariis


  1. Gaaaah I seriously love your blog. I love your layout (where'd you get it?) and I love your words. As I read your personality comes through.
    Congratulations on your weight loss so far!
    Hopefully the rest of the week goes well for you and you lose that weight fast, I don't want to have to go too long without reading a post haha.

    You're right. You WILL be happy. We all will.

    Love Anafly

  2. You're blog is not boring! I love it! :) You've been doing so well on weight loss so keep it up :) oh and good luck with your exams x