Thursday, February 3, 2011

Feeling the BUUURN!

Hey everyone, i just finished up my workout and i feel amazing and energized! I did the elliptical again burning 1000 calories :) yay! then i did cardio X from P90x and it was awesome, but i didnt do Ab ripper so I HAVE to do it tomorrow. So with only cardio i prolly burned maybe 500 calories. Im so glad im back on track. I have really missed working out actually. Haha, but i really wanna reach my next goal weight. Like i really really really wanna be in the 140s!  Uhhh Im about to eat some special K cereal now. My plan is to just have cereal and fruits and veggies all day, lets see if i can actually commit to that, lol! Aghhhh Im so pumped and hyper now idk what to do! lol.  Ok so plan for today: cereal
2. Shower for school
3. Go to school
4.Come home and do homework?

I dont know what to do after class cuz usually i go to work but i dont work thursdays anymore so i guess ill do my homework and NOT eat. :)

Tip for everyone- exercise in the morning! it makes your whole day wonderful!

Hmm what else, Oh! i can kinda see my collerbones! yay, and ive been noticing everyone else's around me, I really wanna be in the 140s, Please oh please!

And thank you for the comments on my last post, Anafly, Anonymous, and Bella. You all are truely wonderful and my motivation, I dont wanna let you guys or myself down. :) And yes, the more calories i burn the faster ill get to my goal. <3

My body is kinda sore though...I love that feeling, like its sore cuz i did something and i worked hard. Ahhh!

Oh and one question for my lovely readers, What is your favorite diet food? Something you can eat without feeling guilty? Mine is cereal. lol

Stay beautiful!
xoxo Pariis

P.S. Anafly, yes that girl is beautiful, Ive seen A LOT of pics of her, who is she?


  1. You sound so positive and that's really really great!
    As long as you're happy and are making sure you're ok then that makes me happy.
    I can't believe how much exercise you do! haha.
    Love Anafly

    ps. I hadnt seen that girl before you posted that picture. I'll do my research and see if I can figure out who it is hehehe

  2. oh and my fave diet foods are tomatoes and original special k cereal :)

  3. I am writing a blog about diet plans and Other Blogger's diet plan/theory. you seem like an diet expert, so if you can, can help me by telling me your diet plan? I will credit you for it.

    Thanks - Ann

  4. You can post your diet plan on my website as comment or you can send it to me by email at:

    Thank you - Ann

  5. You've done an amazing job! Well done sweetheart :)

  6. Great outake!! You sounds so happy and energised. I love this post!