Sunday, February 27, 2011


Because my skinny clothes are SO much cuter than my fat clothes.
Because it feels great to walk into a store and be able to try on anything.
Because it feels great to have to ask for a smaller size.
Because there really is no such thing as too thin.
Because nothing beatsthe feeling of a size 0 fallingoff my hip bones.
Actually, nothing beats seeing my hip bones.
Because I’m sick and tired of comparing my current self to my skinny self and feeling sad about it.
Because I haven’t heard, “Wow, you’re so thin!” in a long time.
Because “You look healthy now” really means “My Godyou’re so fat!” (or at the very least “My God you’re not skinny!”)
Because it feels better tobe teased for being too thin than too fat.
Because eating makes me miserable. Because I was neverready 2 recover in the first place.
Because the Christmas presents I got last year don’t fit this year.
Because I may as well just finish what I started.
Because when a guy picksyou up, he’ll tell you howlight you are, and can easily carry you upstairs,lay you down softly, & kiss you good night.
Because being thin makes you prettier.
Because bones= pretty, & fat = ugly.
Because it sucks being the fat girl in your group of friends.
Because it is so much more fun to show off your body in a bikini at the pool instead of staying home getting fatter by the minute.
Because you have power and control others only dream of having.
Because when you’re thin, you don’t feel foolish for having dreams of becoming an actress or model.
Because bones feel better than rolls of disgusting blubber.
Because summer and bathing suits are heaven when you’re thin.
Because you have come too far to let something as disgusting as food get in your way.


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ps. i WILL break the 140s


  1. so true! in the end, all the pain is nothing compared to the hapiness that being beautiful and skinny brings us!

  2. i absolutely LOVE this post! so thinspirational! your so right dear! you can do it! we can do it! stay strong, your never alone!

    XOXO. A

  3. This post is so beautiful. It inspires me so much. It makes me want to keep going on and never stop.

    ~ Meg

  4. Why couldnt I have read this before I ate all my ice cream? :(

  5. Wonderful. This is just what I'd been looking for.

  6. I love this post
    I totally feel it