Saturday, March 5, 2011

Oh no, this aint paradise...

          Okay, So this post will be a little different then my other normal posts. I have to tell you all about my past day(s).  Alright. So, Last night was my first day of spring break! Hell yea, so me and my friend wanted to do it big, but we both have crazy phycho parents who kinda beat us. My friends dad beats her up and crap and so she got kicked out basically. She lives out of her car and sleeps at a friends house. Dont get me wrong, I love this girl, shes like my best friend but thats just not a way to live, ya know? But in her case, she has all the freedom possible, no curfew, no crazy fighting, nothing. But me on the other hand, well thats a whole other story. My parents are so strict, i cant be out after about 10 on a good night, and im 18, keep that in mind. So the way i get out and have fun is I HAVE to lie about going to  working and actually go out till like 11 or 12 pm. And usually get away with it. But last night, well damn. Last night i decided that i didnt want to be under a curfew for the rest of my life so ill come home around 3 or 4 am. I went to a rave thats about 100 miles away....

           Yea... It was so fuckin awesome! I had the best time ever. But the whole time my dad was calling my phone and killing my buzz, so i turned off my phone and just didnt think of it. Cuz i knew i was in trouble, so why not at least make it  worth it right? I picked up one of his calls and told him im at work, and that im closing. He asks when im coming home and i say 20-30 mins when the place itself is 1 hour away. So basically at the end, i come home at 5:30am. And thank god hes sleeping. I just go in my room and chill and sleep. 

          Well, this morning, while i was sleeping, I hear a big bang that almosts gives me a heartattack in my sleep. I wake up and my dad is banging at my door, I open the door, get beatin the shit out of, he takes my phone and rips it in half. Like wtf. lol i was pissed yo. But yea, now hes just being a dick and telling me i cant go to work anymore and i cant take my car and blah blah blah. Now, My question to you is, what should i do? I kinda wanna wait it out and see how everything goes, if its not bad, then w.e. ill stay, but if its bad, i want to go to my aunts place in Michigan and crash there, but thats a little dramatic if i do that....idk. any suggestions? 

I would put up a pic of my crushed phone, but this thing isnt working...Grrr

Thanks, xoxo


  1. Are you alright?

    If your Dad is beating you it would be a good idea to find somewhere else to live and try and get him to a psychiatrist for anger management classes.

    Sorry about your phone.

  2. If it gets bad maybe you should crash at your aunts a bit until things calm down? He shouldn't be beating you, for starters it's illegal, so you Gould really tell someone about it :/ I dunno, what ever you think :P
    I hope things improve for you soon.
    Lottie x

  3. you should definitely get away, and go to your aunts. abuse is serious, and you shouldn't have to deal with that, darling :\ i hope you're alrighttt.