Monday, March 28, 2011

Time is ticking, Eyes on the prize

Hey gorgeous gals!

How are you all? Ive been extremely busy, with school, and work, and life. I wish i had a few hours to spare everyday to blog, but i barely have time to eat or even take a shower. (lol)  So you DO NOT wanna know what im doing right now since i actually am blogging. Haha, anyways, Ive been doing okay i guess. Im really not focusing on losing weight right now just because im in college and who knew college was stressful and time baring? I thought college was all about partying and drinking and making out with boys u cant remember. LOL. Just kidding. I have so many exams every week, its not even funny. Like right when i think im done with all my exams, a paper is due or a big project. BLAHHHH (can u say stressed?)

Yea, so thats whats been going on with me. Sorry i havent been checking in with u guys, I do read ur blogs, just dont have time to comment. So dont feel like u dont matter, cuz im still here reading every word you type! ^-^ heehee. In other news, Ive been thinking about this new(old) workout dvd i heard about. Its called the 30-day-shred by Jillian Micheals. If followed correctly, you can lose up to 20 lbs in 30 days! I think thats amazing! Ive been doing my research on it and it sounds promising. But some reviews say that they didnt lose any pounds, but inches. Thats good too, but im really trying to lose this fat and get low on the scale. So idk, im really thinking about getting it, but i already have p90x, and insanity. Ohh but the good thing about this workout dvd is that its only around 30 mins! which is do-able. Soooo yea, check it out and tell me if i should buy it!

Also, my weight has been changing. Its back to 155lbs but thats only when i weigh with no clothes on. I usually weigh WITH clothes so i weigh more...but im just waiting for when i hit 155 with clothes on then ill cross it off on my goal thingy. How do u guys weigh yourself?  Let me know!

ugh. My room is a mess, my brain is a mess, my life is a mess. Cant wiat till all the hard work pays off! :) we can do this ladys! its almost april, that much closer to summer. Im dreading it, but if i have the body i want by then, ahhh itd be PERFECT.

1. Should I buy the 30-day-shred?
2. How do u weigh yourself?

Assignments of the Day:
1.50 wacky jacks(works your obliques to get that tiny waist)

2.Clean your room! Do your laundry! (it burns calories! ^_^ )



You have to PUSH yourself
Don't let things stop you!
Don't let them get in the way!
You deserve this!
You are amazing!
You are beautiful!
You are WORTH IT!
and you CAN do this!


  1. 1)if you are as lazy as me, don't buy it. ^^ and I think first we got to lose the fat, then tone ourselves.
    2) I weight myself every morning, just after waking up, after peeing and after my shower, and naked. I don't eat or drink before. But on boring days, I also weight myself all day long, naked or not, after peeing, before peeing. On average I weight myself about 15 times a day. And I also weight myself before sleeping.

    I know I'm completly obsessed. But I can't help it.

    and thanks for the comment, I'm happy about those 11 pounds, but I think it was really stupid to lose that much in so little time. Now I can't stand up without feeling dizzy. I got some trouble breathing twice (yesterday and today), and it scared the hell out of me! I'm trying to eat more, but it's hard.
    I couldn't even dance in my underwear without fainting this morning!!

    So don't be as stupid as me, and be careful!

  2. 1) I was looking into buying that one too, I want to tone up a bit more :) I think you should get it if you think you will be motivated to do it, because it looks like it works and any extra exercise is good :)
    2) when I get up, after the toilet, before the shower, naked. So basically when I will weigh the least, so I will get the least upset :)
    Good luck with collage and have fun tidying!
    Stay strong,

  3. in the morning naked, after going to the toilette, sometimes before and after my morning run... if i manage to get my fat ass outta bed to do it, i have failed at this since sunday