Saturday, January 1, 2011

Party girl shiett

Heyyy waddup!

lol, so ive been partying alot! and when i say alot, i mean like everyday. But its so damn fun. Just drinking and smoking. Well, new Years was a blast for me. I went to 2 parties, got drunk, almost made out with this really hot white guy, but my dad start calling so i had to go home. but it was realllllllllllly fun. And when i got home, i didnt even get in too much trouble. So yea, im straight chillenn. :)

Anyways. When classes start, I cant go to any more parties or drink or have any fun. cuz i have to focus on school. So this whole week of partying is just a way for me to be prepared for 3 months of boring school. :/

But omg! its 2011! One more year till 2012 and the world ends! lol. just kiddinggg. But yes, its a new year, so theres going to be a new me.

New Year Resolutions

1. Get my beach body before/by SUMMER
I know ill regret slacking off on my weightloss when its summer and i see all the skinny girls in bikinis and i have to wear a shirt or a one-piece. So thats my number one motivation. I want to be able to enjoy the pool and sun and my body. I want to wear little skimpy skirts and float around, not wear big sweatshirts to hide my fat. so I WILL BE SKINNY. My goal is to lose a minimum of 10 lbs a month till june. so thats 6 months so 60 lbs.damn... That would be perfect if it happens. id be 100 lbs. :D

How am i going to do this?
Well, good eating habits- which means no yucky food, just healthy foods. and ive been pretty good on that. but i have to work on portion sizes, i always eat too much of one thing. and Exercising! Yes, ill be doing my elliptical and im not sure bout p90x, but i want to do some of it. I think ill just do 5 days of it instead of all 7 a week. and skip yoga! ughh i hate yoga. lol

2. Focus on school
I really need to boost my grades up this semester cuz i did really bad last semester so i gotta make up for that. and im taking hard classes so i need to focus focus FOCUS!

3. Take risks and chances
Ive never really done anything reckless, and ive always been a chicken, and at the end id always regret not taking a chance, so this year im going to change that. Im going to try to be more confident and believe in myself, im going to take chances even if im not comfortable with it. its prolly better for me that way to experience life and be alive.

4. Be Happy!
Im not going to regret anything this year, im going to do what makes me happy and live for me, not my family or a boy. so im on that pursuit of happiness :)

Yupp thats about it. Goal number 1 for weightloss is to get to the 140s by the end of january. I think its possible, but ive never been in the 140s so its going to be exciting for me! yay. yess thats my main goal for right now. alrightyyy Night bloggers sweet dreams

xoxo Pariis.

So a lot of ppl in my family have told me that i look like ive lost a lot of weight! yay! and my jeans are getting big on me :D and my shirts too... Im happy about thisss! i am currently wearing size medium shirts and size 10 or 11 jeans. Lets hope that goes down to size 0 soon!

I want to feel alive.

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  1. ohh sounds like someone is having a ton of fun!
    im glad your having fun(: