Monday, January 17, 2011

Quick update

Hello lovelies


Nothing interesting has happen at all. lol. I weigh _________ lbs right now. I havent weighed myself yet. I went to the gym with my mom, and 3 sisters today, it was amazing! We burned alotta calories using the elliptical, stair master thing, swimming, and soo many other things. We went to lifetime gym on a guest pass, and i think we are getting a family pass cuz that gym is soooo aamazing! they have everything! like i could live there and i wouldnt have any problems. Well after the gym, i went out to eat with a friend, we had pizza buffet. :/ yea that sucked. but i had 3ish SMALL slices and half a brownie. So i wasnt really mad at myself. Uhhhh i still party and drink too much and smoke. So i need to stop cuz i told myself that once classes start, ill stop partying. Uhh what else, work is okay. Im a server now so im getting more money so that means im getting my Uggs and hopefully my nails done once i hit the 140's.

Oh yeah, so I always read ur blogs, and thay always say oh my parents are worried about me, and they make me eat. well guess what my dad said to me tonight. I was eating beans and he said, "slow down on the food, ur getting fat again"... well something like that. I HATE him. like he even gives a fuck about me. Hmm

Uhh, just wanna say thanks to GraceyJ for the 10 random facts. but ill have to do those later cuz its 1:10 am right now and i have to wake up at 9 tomorrow to work at the soccer place Gahhh! im getting overloaded with stuff! but i like all the resposiblilty so i dont eat. Uhhhh i think thats all for tonight but ill prolly post some more tomorrow in class. lol.

thats me recently...well it was tonight. but yea....ewww

and i weigh a whooping............157.6? say whaaaaaaaaaat? lol i thought it be more then that?? hahah YAY okayyy so 7.6 lbs to go then i get my nails did!!! WOOOT! wishme luck loves!


  1. <3 Welcome back, lovely :)
    The gym sounds amazing!
    My new blog address, if you'd like to keep following, is it's bella from Weightless.
    Do take care, you wonderful thing. x

  2. :) Sounds like you had fun at the gym. Sorry about what your dad said. That really isn't fair, AT ALL. :/

  3. I want to go to gym like that. It sounds like fun! and your dad is horrible. But overall sounds like you're having a good time. Good luck :)

  4. Parents always manage to say stupid shit and get you down, he doesn't know what you're going through. Hopefully you can get those Uggs soon, GL!