Friday, January 28, 2011

Wonderful Wonderland

So, Good morning to everyone!

I just came back from coaching the little soccer kids and omg it was soo much fun! I get there at 10:00 am till 12:00pm and time went by so fast i didnt even notice. Anyways, when i was done with the kids, thier parents were talking and they LOVED me! yay!! One of them even asked if i was caoching next season so they can enroll their kid with me, and another said i was really good with kids! Yay! im Happy!  And im getting paid $12 per hour!  So im happy about that, but im slacking on my schoolwrok, which is my FIRST priority... I think im going to not work as much at the resturant and make more time for school. Cuz thats the only solution i can think of right now. 

I also work at 4 or 5 today at the resturant XP blahhh, its not as fun there as it used  to be. but ill manage. Andddd i have this herpe cold sore thing on my lip which looks discusting! i just hope it goes away soon cuz it makes me feel gross. :( 

Uhh in other news, i ihave lost a couple of pounds so Yay! yup yup! so the only problem i have is school and thats it. my life is okay right now, just school..... I have to focus more.

oh yeah, anddddd ITS SNOWING here. we had a "thundersnow" lol, it was hailing and snowing all night, so i had to shovel my car which burned some calories :) yay for pretty snow! 

Okie Dokie! I guess thats all for now. Im hungry, my stomach is growling so i guess ill eat something?? :/ ehhh maybe. 

and to everyone who is reading this!...

stay lovely, ok?

xoxo Pariis


  1. Sounds like things in your life are going pretty well, just keep your socks up with school work and everything will be brilliant <3 Stay happy!

  2. wow love the thinspo! ima steal it for my wee collection :D
    have fun at work . your doing great!