Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Back on track :)

Hey, so ive noticed that I dont really write on here too often. Well, thats going to change. Finally, my life has slowed down and im back on track. Dont get me wrong, theres still crap going on, but ive calmed down.

All my driving papers are done, Im doing good with work, and school is school, still have tons of homework to do but ill get to that. I realized today I still have my weight goal to accomplish. My regular plan was to hit the 140's by the end of january but thats obviously not happening. So, ive extended the date to the end of February, but this time I want to be 145 lbs. My current weight is somewhere around 159ish? yea it sucks, i can feel the weight ive gained. :/

So, Ive decided to do a "fruit fast" this whole week. Im just going to eat fruit and water starting today until the last day of January which is the 31st. Six days, i think ill see some progress... If the fast goes well, then I guess ill extend the date? And ill be doing the elliptical in these 6 days. Hopefully, i lose some weight before starting February. Once February starts, ill start P90x again and seriously do it every single day! I PROMISE! (also, something i do to remind me about losing weight is i write down the weight i want to be on my hand where i can see it, and people always ask what the number is for and i lie and say its how much money i owe someone, but really they remind me how much i want to weigh :D) Alright, I now need something to look forward to so i can stay motivated. i should go out and buy a pair of summer shorts or something!

XoXo Pariis

- No smoking or drinking so far! yay!
- Did good on my history quiz!

(i actually know this girl in real life, she used to be fat, and now shes this skinny! so jello)


  1. ohh she is beautiful! and good luck with fruit fast hun

  2. I used to do the hand thing too! I would tell people that the number was my lucky number :D I should start doing it again. Good luck on the fruit fast!

    Love ya!