Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I have cracked. And no one can help me.

Hello lovely lovely people. Im probebly talking to myself, but thats good. I guess.

Ive been doing bad lately. and i cant go anywhere or tell anyone so i came here. Hope you dont mind.

Ive start purging unintentionally.
I mean im doing it on purpose, but i dont know how  it started. I am back up to 150 lbs unfortunatly, so ive been exercising and trying to eat right but its not working. Im just so lazy now i dont want to work out, and i eat EVERYTHING and anything. Ive lost control.

I have no control. Its terrible. I just dont know what to do anymore. I might be slipping into depression or some kind of mental health issue. And i dont like it. Not one bit. My sister walked in on me while i was purging. I told her i was sick.

I dont know what to do anymore. I think im going to cry myself to sleep tonight, and i havent cried in a long long time. Im just not the crying type. Honestly, what is wrong with me?


I am sorry for coming here with all my problems. but i just didnt now where else to go. okay now... im going to bed now. tomorrow im going to eat 800 calories.

sweet dreams, loves!


  1. good luck with the 800 calories :) don't beat yourself up too much though, so many people go through the same stage that you are, i'm sure control etc will come back again, just hang in there, xo.

  2. You're not talking to yourself, I'm here :) Hopefully you'll feel better in the morning xx

  3. I hope your feeling better soon. It can get rough sometimes for me with depression... I started out strictly restricting and then just all of a sudden started to purge when I ate too much...I dont like it but cant help it when I feel to full.
    best of luck and keep your head up you can do it!
    Check out my blog if you car too