Monday, March 7, 2011

Do you feel like i feel



Everything has calmed down in the house between me and my dad. We are not talking or even making eye contact, which i kinda like. But the downside is i still dont have a phone, car and cant go out. Boo. So Ive been online this whole time and I ordered myself a blackberry and its supposed to come in on Thursday but I HATE WAITING! Like, thats something i suck at, no matter what it is, i dont wanna wait, i have NO patience. Uhh i also ordered accessories for the phone...I am so ready to have my social life mailed to me. Lol. Okay, so now that im stuck at home, i have nothing to do...well i have a lot to do, but i just dont wanna do it. I ended up eating A LOT today cuz i was home all day. Blah.

I weigh the same, obviously. Did i mention I hate the 150's? yea, well i hate it. Why cant things just happen fast, or have a fast forward button. So i could hurry up and lose this weight and get my phone and my life back :( Alright, lets get back to reality. So, I PROMISE tomorrow will be day one of p90x, i figured I cant do Insanity cuz technically you have to already be in "decent" shape to start it. So I gotta get in decent shape.

Tomorrow, i work at 10 am. Ughh I really dont like working, i just wanna bumm around for spring break. ya know. But thats not happening....Hmm i can actually start P90x right now cuz its only 8:00 pm. so i MIGHT do it, and its a prolly def gonna start today. I have lots to do....

Ohh yea, and i wanna start something new i just thought of. Every post, im gonna have an "assignment" for my followers, just small ones. But if you read my post, you HAVE to do my assignment cuz if u have enough time to read my post, then ull def have time to do the assignments :) i think this will help us all out. So...

Assignment of the day:
1. 20 lungs in your room RIGHT NOW!
2. Paint your nails an unusual color <3

Thanks gorgeous girls


  1. I love love love that first picture<3
    And ps, I'm going to do the assignment right now! (:

  2. I like the assignment idea!
    I so so so wish I could do the lunges but I'm sick and everytime I move I feel dizzy.
    Hopefully I can try it a bit later though.
    Weeeeeeee I love all this thinspo, how can girls so skinny have such boobs! (I'm mainly talking about the girl in the leopard print).
    I hope that Thursday for you comes quickly :)
    Love Anafly

  3. Don't you worry, you'll get past 150's soon enough, but I know what you mean about patience. I have none!

    I like the assignment idea but can I do it later? well I am doing it later! lol Take care x