Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New boy. Weird boy.

So, i know i said i wouldnt post till i hit the 140's BUT i have to tell you guys something. The other day i went to the mall with my friends, and we went into spencers where they have like sex toys and gothic things and gauges. Well, i went in there cuz i was getting some gauges, and there were these 2 guys looking at the gauges too. So one thing led to another and i ended up giving him my number. BIG MISTAKE.  He was kinda cute when i saw him. But geez, he is psycho! he added me on fb, and not to be mean or anything but he really wasnt my type... butt thats not the psycho part. We were just texting the first couple of days, just innocent texting, then today he wanted to hang out and i agreed, but i said ill bring my friends too. So basiclly at the end, i didnt go and he got mad. Then thats when things got creepyyyyy. He was acting like weve been together for ever and just saying wierd crap. But i sorted things out and everything was going smooth, until it became sexual, and not the good kind of sexual. Ill just stop here, cuz the details would creep you guys outtt! But Im still in shock, thats how bad it is. Ive stopped texting him, and im thinking about deleting him off my fb. But im scared of what he'd do if he finds out. Yea, so thats what im dealing with.

Anyways, I currently weigh somewhere around 153 lbs. Grr I really wanna be in the 140s... just 4 more pounds. Ive stopped eating like an animal, and my friend has noticed. She asked me today if i was starving myself. lol. I played it off of course. But im really not, i had subway for lunch. and thats about it. lol

Ohh and another thing, i was hanging out at work today, and all the boys were surrounding me and giving me SO MUCH attention. It was fun :) I kinda enjoyed it. But i wish i was skinnyer so i would have more confidence. Ehh Yea that was really fun. But i really wanna guy. Just to have, and mess with. (i feel like such a hoe!)  lol But i always attract the wrong guys, ALWAYS. It sucks. I wish cupid helps me out with this situation. lol, But also, today my horoscope told me to work out. lol I though that was funny. But I pinky promise this time i wont blog till i am really 149 lbs.

Some sugar for the sweets

p.s. anafly-thank you so much, I actually made the layout myself. and your so gorgeous, from your words to ur looks. stay beautiful :) 


  1. Thank you for the mention :)
    You, my dear, are SUCH a sweet heart!!

    Hmm... this guy does sound quite the creep :/ I really reckon you should delete his number and delete his fb. If he does anything that he shouldn't once you do that then you should really talk to an adult or heck, even the police. I'm sure that it will be taken pretty seriously if he does anything. I just want you to be safe.

    Haha I giggled when I read the horoscope thing.
    Oh and isn't it nice when friends notice? All the attention from the guys is pretty awesome too ;)
    Love Anafly

  2. That guy sounds mentally insane! Stay away from him and take care

    Good luck to getting to 149lbs :)

  3. oh and I forgot, loveeeeee the thinspo :$