Thursday, February 24, 2011

What kind of body do you want?

Hello lovelys,

First off, I have to tell you all that its that time of the month, so saying that, i might be grumpy or pissed or eat tons. -__-  anyways, I basically ruined the month february by my eating that week.  I am at 157 lbs. Grr I HATE the 150s, I need to get over this hump. But ive decided to start a new workout program. Its called INSANITY. Heehee, i like the name of it, sounds dangerous. But its crazy cardio workout cds everyday for 60 days. I will stick to it, I promise. I am going to post everyday about my workout and what i ate when i start Insanity. Im starting March 1st, cuz thats when ill get the cds. Cant wait! Ohh, and what kind of body do yall want? At first i thought i wanted a model body, ya know, just skinny all over, no boobs no butt, but now i kinda want an athlete body, I want my boobs to stay and maybe have a little butt. lol. but i know i want a perfect belly. Fit and slim. Yumm

In other news, I hate school, and I got a D on my history test, fml. Anddd on top of that i had a paper due today but didnt finish it so I have to do it tomorrow. Basically, Im drowning in school and tests and crap. I want spring break to be here already! I just need one stressfree week, then ill be okay, hopefully. Work is ehh, not really fun anymore. Im thinking bout quiting Ruby tuesdays cuz its just drama and fake ppl and i dont make that much money there... Blah...

Hmm, its getting warm here, so its almost time for spring/summer clothes. Uh oh. body bearing season. this means i really need to lose this blubber. Fast. I wanna be 120 lbs by June.  If i stick to the workout plan i think i can do it. Also, OMG my bestfriend got her clavicle pierced this weekend, and its soo hot! And im so jelous of her... If only i had clavicles like hers... Boo. Well, i g2g and try to do this paper. I wish something amazing happens in my life wight now.

p.s.- hello new followers! and welcome. :)

Sugar <3

(so tiny!^)



  1. Awh, poor darling. School is yuck haha.
    Goodluck for your new work out plan! You have to keep us posted.
    I love the model body. Tiny, tiny, tiny.
    Bones and whatnot. Gross, huh. But I love it anyway.
    Keep well!

  2. Just keep positive and you can achieve whatever you put your mind to! I promise!

  3. Gah i hate the 150's too. And Insanity sounds awesome my school's D1 teams do it and they are in crazy good shape. Good luck! Love your thinspo :]

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous thinspo. And, I'm with ya girl, H-A-T-E the 150's! GAH, go awayyy
    You'll bounce back in school in no time - stay strong and beautiful sweetie <3

  5. I always feel like it's harder to go from 161 to 159, 151 to 149...than the lbs in between. and it gets harder everytime! So no matter what, don't give up! and before you know it, you will be like those girls in the pictures!

  6. oh dear, stay strong! you can do it! just don't give up! your never alone!

    XOXO. A

  7. Awwww sweetheart you will get there! good luck with your work out.

    I'm petrified of the summer. I'm so scared looking and feeling fat in those tinny dresses :/

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