Sunday, December 5, 2010


Hey, so ive been working a lot lately. I work at ruby tuesdays, a restuarant, as a host. but im going to be a server cuz they make a shitload of money. but i have to take some tests and stuff. Ummm... i havent worked out at all for the past 3 days. and i "binged" a little. so im back at 168. fml. ummm also, i would have the munchies cuz i wasnt myself. hahaha i was on cloud 29, if ya kno what i mean. i need to stop that. im gonna quit ASAP! cuz that makes me fattt and i need to lose weight. hmmm i go to work in 2 hours.

and this one guy wants me to come over, but i really dont wanna go. cuz im so fat. and hes really really hot. and cut, and muscular. and cute! damn. idk why he even wants to see me. well, im not gonna see him today. i already made a plan. when i hit 150 lbs, then i can see him and do whatever. and theres this other guy, his nickname is "Liar"  we used to have a thing and we used to text eachother all day and all night and stuff. then we stopped. and now we never text or anything. i really miss him. and i think he has an eating disorder, cuz he like starves himself and NEVER eats. and he hates, HATES fat girls. im fat.

he hates me. well, when im 125 lbs, im gonna text him. hopefully. when i hit 125 lbs.

well, im also about to get my period, so that means ill be getting fat and lazy. BLAHHH and this week is finals and exams. so ima be sooo stressed and going crazzyyyy!!! ahhhhh, this will be my last post for the whole week prolly.

omg, and im getting sick and depressedd....w.e. ill just starve myself like all of you. that seems to work you u guys so yea. gahh idk why im so pissed and sad.

uhm... yea ok bye w.e.

heres a recent pic of me...ewwy!


  1. Im sure you can hit 125lbs soon. Keep it up and dont feel down, we're here to support you.
    thanks for your nice comment on my blog.
    Pce, Nate

  2. Well if the guy wants you to hang out that means he's interested in you anyway! ;) How do you know him? Like in RL or internet?
    I hate getting my period, i feel so bloated and yuck, so i know how you feel. The cramping and the nausea prevent me from eating too much so that is the bright side to it lol >.<
    Dw you will get to your goal weight soon enough!
    Stay safe!

  3. hey, thanks for the comment!
    and yea me and the guy used to go to school together, and he lives in my nieghborhood so i kinda cant avoid him. haha, but hes a big flirt! and i dont wanna be his new toy, ya no? and thanks for all the support!

  4. thanks for your comment!
    and if the guy wants to see you, thts awlways a good sign right? but yeah i totaly get you i know how u feel. hope u feel better soon. stay strong xx

  5. oh and you will get to your gw! i know you will! xx

  6. you are not fat! but you probably wont believe that..even though you should!
    btw i have no idea what to name my puppy :(
    it better just come to me when i get it lol

  7. Haha, pretty sure if he's inviting you over, he totally wants you!!!
    Go for it, lovely. ;)

  8. Good luck on your weight loss journey! :)