Sunday, December 19, 2010


Hello everyone!

Sorry i havent posted in awhile, i promised myself when i hit the 150's then, and only then i can post. So im posting which is good right? Well, while i was gone, i did some other things like find this website saying how its better to workout in the morning then any other time, which i completely agree with. So, now i have 2 alarms for 10:00 a.m. Ive been working out in the morning for the past 3 days and its really a blast!

heres the link to the article, if u wanna read it.

So classes are done, and I am stress free! yay, but with classes done i have more time on my hands which means more time to eat and be lazy, well instead of being lazy this holiday, I picked up some more shifts at my restuarant job. And another thing is i got a second job! I am now a soccer coach for little kids! Its so much fun just playing with the kids and i can even burn some calories on top of that, anddd ill be occupied so i cant be lazy or eat! its the perfect solution.

Hmm, Also, i stopped talking to Mars. That was just a bad situation. The more i talked to him, the more i felt wierd about our relationship. So at the end, I found out that i was basically his booty call. I asked him why are we even friends, and he said "cuz ur cute.".... That was a slap in the face. I dont ever want to be in that kind of a position with any guy, Im not okay with it. I was truely looking for a 100% type of a relationship... Oh well. It is what it is.

Well. thats basically all that has happened the days i was gone. I am currently at around 158.9 lbs. Yea it took awhile to get there cuz i got distracted and binged a few times which made me go up to 163 lbs so i had to loose all that and then some. But I am on track again and my goal is that i want to start the New Year weighing 150 lbs or lower. Yes yes yes! I think i can do it if i really commit. Which i will.

Also, thanks again for all the comments, i really love them. They really keep me motivated. And to answer the questions.
Q- What's the most beautiful thing you've ever seen? 
A-Probably a baby taking their first steps, its so amazing and beautiful thinking about how much effort they put into those first steps to exceed to walking and later on running.  

Q-what's your best weight loss tip?
A- Exercise!!! the morning! best thing to do for you body, itll change your whole day.

Now some more questions from me!
1. what is YOUR best weight loss tip?
2. What are some things you do that are NOT related to weight, scale, ect.
3. Whats your new years resolution going to be?

Thanks again!
xoxo Pariis

P.S.-Oh yea i just wanted to say ive been staying away from those evil free Christmas cookies! They are everywhere! people are just giving them out, but ive been saying NO to them, and im really proud of myself. :)


  1. congrats hun!

    hmm best tip would be drinking tons of water and not drinking much of anything else unless tea lol

    not sure what to say to second question sorry /:

    and new years resolotion is going to be ...
    just loosing weight like usual? im not really sure lol

  2. Hello love <3
    Thank you so much for following me, it means a lot to me.
    You're wonderful. Congratulations on the weight loss, I hope you're feeling well, :)

  3. Well done for resisting the free things, I am awful at that. Makes it hard to be at my parent's house, so much food just floating around. I hate it.

    1. Water, drinking loads in the morning (along with exercise) is great to get you going and makes all the bad stuff go away. I'm also a sucker for proplus caffeine tablets but they are not that great for you.
    2. I do music, I play the 'cello. She's beautiful, I'd like to play more. I also play netball, I love sport.
    3. I haven't decided on mine yet, I think I will play more 'cello though :)

    Mars is a douch. I'll punch him in the face if I ever meet him x

  4. Yay for saying no to cookies! And congrats on hitting the 150s. How exciting! :)