Friday, December 10, 2010

So i had a dream that i posted pics of mars on here, and he finds out. and he's been following me on here and then he calls me and asks me to take the pics off of here.... i woke up screaming.

Yea, thats never going to happen. Ever. So court went well and my ticket got dissmissed, so i didnt have to pay a penny! but i did wait from 9 till 11 to get my name called. the judge was really nice and he was funny too! but i have another court date for reckless on the 27th, which im scared for. Yea, I must be a pretty bad driver with all these tickets right? lol, Im really not that bad though, sometimes i get aggresive but its not my fault! people dont know how to drive, and if i go the speed limit, then people will start cutting and i HATE that. lol. but the reckless ticket really wasnt my fault. i was lost and scared so i was just speeding to get out of where ever i was, i was actually glad i got pulled over. But anyways

Im going to run and do my core synergistic workout today. Hopefully. I go to work at 5 so i need to hurry up. Last time i checked(this morning) i weighed 165 lbs. Which im happy about. Really happy. My plan is to lose 5 lbs this week and get down to 159-160 lbs. If that actually happens, im going to be sooo happy and proud and ecstatic and go crazy! i should have a prize too. but idk what.... hmmm....i should go get a pedicure or manicure. but i dont really like fake nails.  and my toes are crustyyy haha. Omg! i know! Im going to get something for my room! i really want pretty lights all around my room so ill get that, but only AFTER i get down to 159 lbs.  :) yes yes!

In other news, i spent all last night looking at myself in the mirror. Thinking about what i want to change about myself, and stuff. And daydreaming about being skinny and how it would change my life so much. And what i would do when im skinny, all the pretty clothes i could wear without feeling fat, having a whole other perspective on life, finding someone who would love me for me... Hmm yea. cant wait.


yea. I feel like my stomach got smaller^-^ yay.  Oh and this morning i had some special K cereal and a cup of tea and milk thing. Yummm. Ok that is all for now, I shall go work my big butt off and lose 5 lbs! :)

goodbye and stay skinnny!

XOXO Pariiis <3

Thinspo laterrr


  1. God, I hate dreams that feel so real, takes a while to shake them off.
    Lots of people will love you for you anyway, it's loving yourself and letting them in that's hard. xx

  2. It's going to be so exciting when you reach the 150's! Hopefully you'll see the 150's by the end of the week. :)

  3. My Dear,
    Feel free with quotes :)
    have a great weekend.

  4. Thanks for your comment on my blog :)

    Manicures are realllly nice though, i just got one, check out my b-looog for piccie! You don't need to get fakies, they paint em really nice :)
    I know how you feel when you think about all the pretty clothes you can wear when you're thin. It's like, everything seems to look better on thin people, baggy cardigans, tight clothes, dresses, jeans, EVERYTHING! :(