Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ugh Is this a good thing or bad?

Weight: 155.4lbs
Intake: cereal, thai salad, chicken quesadilla, salad. :(
Overall day: Bad day
Exercise: None :(

Okay, so I dont know why but all last week and this week people have been noticing my weight change. Is that a good thing or bad? Was i so fat before that there was that big of a change? I mean geez....

So this morning i went to my coaching job, where I coach little kids how to play soccer once every week. And there was this little boy who ive been coaching since December of last year. So at the end of the the session, his mom comes up to me and makes small talk and to get to the point, she says "wow, ur look like youve lost some weight" and im like oh yea ive been trying to get healthy blah blah blah. and she says yea theres a big difference, because i have a pic of you from last year coaching tyler, ill bring it in next time! -__- the parents always take pics of there kid playing soccer and i guess i was in the pic.

Like wtf?i have enough pics of me fat. But idk why i hate when ppl notice my weight...like im still fat, im HUGE. I cant even break to the 140s, thats how fat i am. Ugh, a couple days ago i was at 153, now im back to 155. WTF?!?! This whole weight loss thing is so annoying. I just want to starve myself till im skelator. But i know thats not gonna work... I mean i know i can starve myself, but thats not the 'healthy' way. FML. Nobody said this was gonna be easy... I just have to exercise ALOT more then i am right now (which is none) Okay, lets take small steps?

Mission #1
Wake up at 10 and go for a little run. Easy as pie.
Thats all i have to do, is wake up at 10 and go run. (i just set my alarm)

In other news, I had a history test, i think i did alright on it :) yay atleast one good thing today...K sweet dreams beautifuls. Ill let yall know how my run was tomorrow morning!


ps-sorry these posts have been shitty, i just dont know who else to talk to... :/

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  1. don't worry about it, you will get there sweetheart :) Lovely thinspo. I want that body!!! x

  2. Nobody said it would be this hard.
    Keep your chin up girl.
    It's great the people notice, they are jealous.
    I like to feed off their comments.
    Gives me strength to keep going.
    If you need to chat give me a shout <3

  3. It's greatthat people notice, it means you are doing well :)
    Stay strong,
    Lottie x

  4. It's great they notice. It means there is a visible difference :)
    It doesn't mean they thought you were fat before, just that you are slimmer :) Take it as a compliment ;) and use it to spur your weight loss onwards! xx