Wednesday, April 13, 2011

30 Day shred- Day 2-3

So, somehow i gained weight in the past couple days. Wtf?

Im not gonna say how much i weigh right now, but my goal is 153 lbs by saturday. Ive been doing the shred and all day yesterday and today my arms and calves were sore. And its been going well, just not on the scale...cuz i feel like I look thinner but the scale says different. And i know the scale is right. Hmm. FML

And ive been eating healthy, had special K for breakfast, subway for lunch, and an apple and banana for dinner. So idk whats with the damn scale, its making me mad... Grr.

Uhm nothing else is going on, just that I got some 'stuff' to help me focus on my big exams that are coming up. Yeaaa, surprisingly i dont have much to say right now. Weird.

kay then, ttyl beautys!


ps-one of the girls on the shred dvd has such a nice frickin body i just stare at her while working out, it really motivates me.

anddd omfg, 52 followers? thanks guys! I hope u enjoy my rambling lol. I try not to bore u guys, but if i do, sorry! :)

its a heart!^


  1. Do worry, it's probably just muscle weight :)
    Stay strong,
    Lottie x

  2. don't you worry about the gain. Give your body time to adjust to your diet :) Take care x

  3. You always have such amazing thinspo!
    I'm pretty certain it's muscle weight too; I always weigh heavier after a recent workout.

    You can do it! x

  4. I agree with the muscle chat. Also maybe water. Exercise tends to make you gain a little then loose a lot in my experience.

    Nothing happened with the boy sadly, just dropped him off at the train station to continue the rest of his european travels. We went on the most wonderful date on Tuesday, went to a wee island, walked around and explored loads, then went to a cosy little pub for lunch. It was perfect. So gutted nothing happened! I'll hopefully go out at the weekend and pull some random to boost my confidence lol.


  5. Muscle weights more then fat darling! Your doing GREAT!