Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sorry for not blogging anymore but...

TUMBLR IS THE BEST! For everyone here that still reads my blog (which is prolly no one) come to the tumblr community! its so great and motivational. I am on there almost everyday getting motivated to lose weight  and stick to it. Also, i learn alot more about how to lose wight and maintain and foods that are good for you and everything! So come and join  me loves :)

Ive been doing Great with my weight loss. Im so motivated, and i exercise a lot more.Im Happy. Before tumblr, id weigh myself everyday and be dissapointed with what id see on the scale and just binge and get frusterated and id do this everyday, feeling like a failure EVERYDAY. Now i only weigh myself once a week, and i try to eat healthy as possible. Even if i mess up or binge, its ok, cuz i have time to fix it by my weigh in day. Like for example, i had pizza last night. and ya know what. i didnt feel guilty eating it. i didnt feel guilty after either. I will just workout extra hard to day, and eat my best. So if you want, come join me on tumblr.

miss yall, love yall


  1. Naw I missed you! Tumblr confuses the heck out of me!! I just don't understand it :(

  2. I love tumblr! What's your tumblr name and I can look you!