Monday, May 23, 2011

Boys Boys Boys

wow, so i love attention from boys. Not like an attention whore, but just being noticed.

So today, as i was driving to school for my summer class, bumping music out loud in my car, i look in my rear view mirror and saw him. My old crush who i fell for and actually wanted to be with. His name, Luis. We havent talked since like january and i saw him in my rear view mirror in his car. WTF? is that a coincidence or what? Hes going to attend my college this fall and i swear im gonna be skinny by then. If he sees me like this, omg. Not even gonna think about it, but anyways when i saw him, i hit the accelerator and zoomed outta there. I didnt want him to see me...not yet. I want him to see me skinny and fit and looking absolutely amazing! So then hell regret stop talking to me. Yea, WHAT NOW LUIS.

Lol, yea, anyways, Also, i went to the mall after class to get some new shoes, i went into Journeys and there was a hot guy there, and basically we were flirting the whole time he tried to find me shoes. It was wierd, like i didnt have confidence in me, i didnt act like myself. Idk, id thought since losing weight and everything, id gain confidence, but i was just wierd about it. still trying to figure out why i was acting weird.

But yea, thats all i had to say. Im so hungry but its 10:04 right now and i wanna eat but i cant so im debating if i should eat a snack or something. ahhh i should just go to sleep and eat a really big breakfast tomorrow morning. YES! thats what im gonna do, geez ive missed blogger and talking to myself. Onto homework, tumblr, and sleep! NO FOOD :)

ttyl, Pariis

btw, when i went to the mall, i saw soooo many cute clothes and bikinis -__- and i couldnt wear any of em, but thats alright, i will soon! I also got goal-shorts, cant wait to wear em out in public.


  1. You might have been acting weird because you were nervous. I'm sure you're looking great with all the weight you've lost!

  2. love that thinspo girl, and don't worry everyone gets nervous, you're still finding yourself.