Wednesday, November 17, 2010


hello you!

so today was a okay day, i went to school, missed a test buy w.e. ugh.. now that i think of it its bothering me, ughhh im just annoyed by it... piece of shittt.... excuse my language.. but ughhh

so yea i went to class and w.e. then came home and ran for an hour which was awesome! then went to work. work was sooooooooooooo boring like i was about to shoot myself! hahaha jkjk but no, it was extreamly boring, especially with Ree as manager. blahh anywayys yea then i went to penara bread and ordered some food.... now my tummy hurts and i feel sooo full like my stomach is about to explode! i feel like i ate too much. ugh i shouldnt have eatin anything. but i weighed myself and im at 167 ish.. around there...tomorrow o go dress shopping.... imscared

but yea.

im soo fat....i gotta keep running so i can lose this weight. i no i can lose it, i just have to make sure i exercise, cuz without exercise i wont lose anything... its ok. illl be ATLEAST 159 by the end of november.  NO DOUBT

but yea... haha i feel like im just repeating everything... hmmmm lets see nothing interesting really happened today. its just w.e. just i feel soo full....yupppp.... i have nothing else to say. so i guess goodnight? ok...? well heres some pics!

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