Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kinda Scared...

Hey yall!

So let me start by talking about my day today. today was a very crazy/ depressed day. first,i wake up late and miss my first class... so that was bad, so while im driving to go to my second class, a damn cop pulls me over and gives me a ticket for some stupid nonsense.... after that i was so furious and mad and i just wanted to explode! ahhhh but i got over it and just drove to my school, when i get to school, i go to class and find out we had a test and i missed it cuz the damn cop pulled me over. GAHHHHHHHHH at this point i wanted to cry and scream and punch things. haha yea im kinda crazzy, i know.... but after that everything got better, i went to a tattoo parlor  and watched my friend get her first tattoo, which looked like it hurt like hell! it was a "anch"? what ever that is, its this symbol---

she got it on her wrist and its a meduim size, and it was bleeding! gahh but i was happy it wasnt me getting the tattoo! it look soooo painfull. but i will get my tattoo soon, once i lose all the fat, i want one on my "ribs" that you cant see right now. hahha but thats my prize! getting my tattoo! now i really want one cuz my friend got hers.sheesh im jelous. okayyy welll

after the tattoo, i went home and ran for about 45 mins and burned 1000 calories! YEA BOYYY hahaha anf then i did my p90x, well some of it, i didnt do the ab ripper part cuz i had to go or w.e. but ill do that tomorrow!! I PROMISSE :D yea so after that i went to subway and had a sandwich which was HEAVEN omg it was sooo good, wow, like it was unbelievable.... but the guy who works there kinda knows me now cuz i go there a lot, hahah i should stop going.... anywayyyys after that, i went to class and some guy wanted to hang out so he took me bowling, which i suck at! and after i gave hima hug and he KISSED ME on the cheek. UGHHH not what i expected..... blahhh thats not cute.... but yea thats bout it..... its 2:30 am right now and im kinda tired and sore- ish.... hmmmm well i was thinking i should put up a pic of me recently so yall would no what i look like right now... i hate it but this is what i look like at the moment.---

ewwwwwwwwwww, yea i know...... its discusting and flubber everywhere..... i hope this changes soon, cuz thats not cute at all.......... and i just weighed myself and it said i was 167.4 lbs but i dont believe that, i think its more like 168 or 169...

okay, so 3 days of p90x down! only 87 more days to go! hahaha daaaaaaang thats a lot..... okay well i guesss ill put some thinspo pics up and thats all, good night and stay strong!!


wow, they are amazing!!

xoxo pariis

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