Thursday, November 25, 2010

Exactly 1 month

Hey gorgeous!

So, i was reading my old posts and i found out that today is exactly one month from the day i started this blog and my journey.

so about a month ago i weighed 168 lbs. guess how much i weigh now, 168 lbs.

-__- Grrr

same thing, yupppp. :( thats cuz i only really dieted and exercised for a week and not the whole month. and that week i lost about 4-5 lbs. so thats pretty good. but i gained it all back. so im thinking if i actually do the whole month, my results will be better!  so im going to try AGAIN (-__-)  and so my workouts and stuff and eat right.

also, today is thanksgiving, and i woke up extra early (8:00 am) to go to the gym with my friend and sister and we all did a step interval class. i was lost half the time but i did sweat a lil, prolly burned 500 calories or something. but yea i want to run today but not sure if i will cuz the whole family is home and there getting all the food ready. i can smell the turkey right now, ahhhh sooo gooood. turkey is good for you right? so ill eat some of that, if not a lot ;)

uhhhhh thats about it for now. so yea just wondering what yall are thankful for??

I, personally, am tahnkful for
-my health(even though im fat, im glad i have 2 arms and 1 nose)
-all my great friends who have been there for me
-my bloggers following me and giving me feedback
-having food and shelter

now its your turn, what are YOU thankful for??

ohh and some thinspo!

--^ dont let that be you crying on the scale

happy turkey day!
xoxo Pariis

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