Monday, November 29, 2010

New month, New goals

Whats up bone lovers!

Haha, hey everyone! First i want to say thanks to all the comments and feedback from everyone, i really appreciate those and it keeps me motivated!  Second, i wanna ask how did the first holiday go for everyone? did you control yourself? what are u going to change next time? And third, i wanna say get ready for Christmas!!! and New years eve!  Now that you experienced Thanksgiving, you know what to expect for the other holidays. so get set!

Okay so today is November 29th.

Monday. Mondays are always great days to start something new since its the beginning of the week.  So im going to give this thing another try. For real this time. So basically its the same schedule of jogging and p90x but actually doing it everyday no matter what.  Today is the fist day :)

I have about 3 hours till i gotta go to class so i have to start now.
Im going to
-jog for 45 mins on the eliptical[check!]
- 1 hour of P90X[check!]
- some homework then leave to class[ughh]

Oh and if you guys have any tips for dieting or exercising, please dont hesitate and tell me please! and comments are greatly appreicated! :D ok bye for now!

oh and heres a cool site i just found! check it out!!

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xoxo Pariis

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