Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Hey yall!

So! today i worked out!! woot woot!!!
i did the elliptical for 45 mins and  broke out a sweat! haha it was fun though, i find it easier watching tv while running, makes time go by faster...but yea after that i did my second day of P90X which is Cardio X (im doing the lean version) and it was fun, not to hard.  so i am extremely happy i accually worked out today and stood by my word!! i feel GREAT! and soo refreshedd like i already feel healthier then i was.... ahhhh i loved working out today! i hope i love it as much as i do today as tomarrow hahaha....

ok so, i had some Special K cereal this morning and 2% milk which was DELICIOUS! and this afternoon, i had rice, spinich, and some squash thing my mom cooked. it was okay and i ate a medium portion. but im kinda hungry now after my workout. im thinking bout eating an apple, but i KNOW that wont satisfy me... so im trying to find something healhty in my kithcen... maybe some noodles and vegitables, i saw my brother eating some last night and it looked gooooooood! hahha so i might try that!

but yeaaa i hope all this working out and what not helps me and i stick to it.... cuz usually i stick with things like this for a week or so then i give up or forget about it..... but this blog will help me stay focused and go through with it


but i wish it wouldnt take soo long to get the prize haha, but this isnt an overnight change, its a lifetime change and a new life style! i have to get that through my head. but ok this is my first goal!

today is November 9th and i weigh about 168ish, so i want to be 150-155 by November 30th. you no what they say,
Shoot for the moon, even if you dont make it, youll land among the stars

or something like that! hahha  but yeaa my MAIN goal is to STICK WITH P90XXXXX please please please dont let me fail! im so tired of being fat and ugly... i just want to be able to wear something without looking fat or being concious about my rolls underneath the clothes.....god help me.

some photos....

xoxo Pariis

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