Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Yay for me!

Hello everyone!

So im on my 2nd day of p90x and my dieting. so far so good! the past two days i ate right, ran 45 mins on the ellipticle, and did my p90x! how amazing is that?!?! and im already losing weight! i just weighed myself and im at 166 lbs, 1 pound lost. that good enough for me! ohh and another thing im proud of is that it was my brothers birthday yesterday and my parents bought him a big, huge chocolate cake!  omfg! like it was chocolate inside and outside and chunks of chocolate everywhere! and i only had a nibble of it. i was soooooo proud of myself! and theres still alot of it left in the fridge, but when i open the fridge, i go for it, but then i think, "hmm, this cake is NOT worth all that running and exercising i just did!" and walk away from the chocolate cake! Woot!!!

Haha, im happy with my improvements. but other then that, i have court tomorrow for a speeding tickit or something. my mom is going with me... Grr i hate cops with a fire burning passion. >:(

So you yall have any advise about how i should deal with the ticket? what should i say when i go to court?

another thing, is that classes are about to end so exams are really close! Ahhhhhhh!! that means lots of studying and no time for exercising! :( boooo oh well, ill make time!

and by the end of December, ill be around 150 lbs! no exceptions!

Stay strong ladies! dont let the cookies get you!

xoxo Pariis

ughh, thats discusting. another reason i wanna be skinny!

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  1. to answer your questions ...
    1.weigh myself with just bra and underwear on usually /:
    2. i dont eat breakfast witch is silly but when i do i have an apple
    3.something bright! XD

    well done on loosing weight lovey! keep it up