Thursday, November 18, 2010

same thing

hey, so i weight the same thing since october! yay me -______- wtf.

yea theres no change at all actually. well today i went dress shopping and it was  horrible. all the dresses were ugly or didnt fit or my body looked huge. at the end, i got a ugly black dress, size 14.

size 14.


yea im a size 14, and my mom is 18.... thats so embarresing and sad.... hmm.  idk, it was just so depressing andsad,like it hurt me so much no find out i am a size 14.... well my friend, monica, shes  a size 0. and im 14....

damn, i didnt no i was that big...its so horrible. yea so im gonna try to avoid all pics and stuff. and just be hidden and qiute tomrrow at the wedding thing. and i feel full again today cuz my manager bought me some food and i ate i feel nasty and my stomach hurts again. and also i found out that i love the feeling of being hungry. its... it makes me feel good, and i admire it. the feeling of hunger is so new to me. like ive never experienced it. and also i didnt experiance being full either, id always be hungry or want to eat. but now i want to be hungry and stay hungry.  hmmm. yea... so tomorrow im going to run for sure! at least 1000 calories.  allriightyy.

i hate the feeling of being full, i just wana throw up right now, blahhhh! well, yea... thats about it.... im gonna be on a strict diet tomorrow at the wedding. and try not to eat too much or anything at all. ill try to remember this feeling i have right now so i dont eat. cuz feeling full is NASTY. i wanna feel hungry and i love it.

yea so im just going to think about my life and weight now, so umm yea good night?

TM-Seventeen (MQ) - taylor-momsen photo

taylor momson <3
Taylor.  - taylor-momsen photo

xoxo pariis

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