Monday, November 8, 2010

Hey there Cutie

helllo everyone... or no one!  haha

well this past week has been eventful and fun! hmm, lets see... this one guy from work asked to go to the movies with him, JUST AS FRIENDS but the ppl we went with were making it all awkward ans shiz. loll saying awww yall are so cute! and stuff like that. but we are just friends, and hes not my type.... at alll

yea but that day of work was funn and wierd. me and a bunch of the guys working were talking about my culture and religion and the "shift leader" aka one of the managers was showing me some pics on his phone and he had a pic of his "junk" as he would refer it to. loll i thought it was funny and wierd. lol and her ketp asking me questions like i was on an interview.... but hes quiting soon and her gave his 2 week notice already. and yeaaaa. alll the guys there were on my nuts that day.. idk why though.. i was thinking prolly cuz i was wearing this black shirt that made my boobs look big. hahah pervs... bu to be honest, i did enjoy all the attention i was getting!

anyways yea so that was the weekend work situation. but other then that nothing really has happened. i feel good and i did the first day of P90X today and i wasnt really thrilled with what i did. like i didnt even try that hard. ummmm yea i ate okay too... and last time i weighed myself i was 165.4? i think so i think im back to my original weight! im happy about that! really happyyy. i hope i can get down to 159 sooon. i really really want to. and i hope i stick with P90X too. all the results i came across the internet was amazinggg. i wish i could look like that....

ok so something ive been really interested in was collerbones. lol i want to see my collerbones. but i have big boobs so idk if that declines me from seeing my collerbones, but i think its so pretty to see those perticular bones and my hip bones also! right now, i can see no bone at all! hahaha i hope that changes soonn. gahhh i hope a lot.

ok, well tomorrows scheduale is this

12- home
1- run for 45 mins on the elliptical
2- work out P90x
3-4- cool down, eat something light
5-6-? idkk
7- class
10- home

:D okayyy sounds goood but idk what im doing at 5-6 prolly play with my lil sis or watch tv or something.... alright, well thats all for tonight, heres some thinspo i was talking about earlier!

Kelly Osbourne Bikini Tears

xoxo pariis

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